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Q1. What command encrypts a boot password for GRUB2? 

A. grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf 12 

B. passwd -t grub2 

C. secboot 

D. grub2-pw 

E. bootpw 


Q2. Which statement about symmetric encryption is correct? 

A. The same key is used for encryption and decryption 

B. Symmetric keys are generally longer than asymmetric keys. 

C. Asymmetric encryption is generally faster than symmetric encryption. 

D. A public key and a private key are needed for symmetric encryption/decryption. 


Q3. Which command installs most rpm packages? 

A. rpm package_name.rpm 

B. rpm - -package_name.rpm 

C. rpm -i package_name.rpm 

D. install package_name.rpm 

E. install -i package_name.rpm 


Q4. What does the following sentence describe? "Multiple file names referencing to the same inode." 

A. Hard Links 

B. Sockets 

C. Pipes 

D. Character devices 

E. Block devices 


Q5. Which command creates a RAID container? 

A. mdadm -C /dev/md/ddf -n 4 -15 -e ddf /dev/sd[b-e] 

B. mdadm -C /dev/md0-e 1 -n 4 -15 -x 1 /dev/sd[b-e] 

C. mdadm -C /dev/md/ddf-r5 -n 3 -15 /dev/md/ddf 

D. mdadm -A /dev/md0 


Q6. You would liketo run command2 only if command1completed successfully. Which command accomplishes this task? 

A. command1|| command2 

B. command1;; command2 

C. command1.command2 

D. command1&& command2 


Q7. Which user authentication meth0ds can be used with SLES 12? (Choose four) 





E. LDAP F. Handshake 

G. Windows Domain 

H. Local (/etc/passwd) 

Answer: A,D,E,G 

Q8. You want to create the new user account tux with the password penguin (password hash: TvqBFhQWgeSho) and a default home directory. Which command can be used to create the account with the above parameters? 

A. useradd -m -p "penguin" tux 

B. echo penguin | useradd-m-p - tux 

C. useradd -m -p "TvqBFhQWgeSho" tux 

D. echo -e "penguin/penguin" | passwd tux; useradd -m tux 


Q9. Which command shows you the default shell of a user? 

A. w user 

B. id user 

C. who user 

D. finger user 


Q10. You want to add user tux to the southpole group without changing his primary group membership. Which command do you use for this purpose? 

A. useradd -g southpole tux 

B. usermod -g southpole tux 

C. groupadd -A tux southpole 

D. groupmod -A tux southpole