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Q11. How long does "Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS) for SLES" extend the span of getting updates for SLES packages belonging to a specific Service pack? 

A. 3 years 

B. 1 year 

C. 5 years 

D. 7 years 

E. 10 years 


Q12. Using hwinfo, how can you probe just for BIOS information? 

A. hwinfo - -bios 

B. hwinfo - -dump bios 

C. hwinfo.bios 

D. hwinfo - -select bios 


Q13. Which option do you use to write the output of the 'hwinfo' command to a log file? 

A. --dumpfile_name 

B. -o file_name - -dump 

C. . -log filejiame 

D. --ofile_name 


Q14. What system command switches to a single user system without network? 

A. systemctl isolate rescue target 

B. systemctl isolate emergency target 

C. systemctl switch single-usertarget 

D. systemctl- -runlevel=1 

E. systemctl set-default minimal target 


Q15. You want to copy the mytext file from your computer to the /tmp/ directory on the remote computerda20.digitalairlines.com. Which command would you use to accomplish this? 

A. ssh mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp 

B. scp da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp mytext 

C. scp mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp 

D. sftp mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp 


Q16. Where are systemd unit files stored? (Choose two.) 

A. /usr/li b/systemd/system/ 

B. /etc/systemd/system/ 

C. /lib/systemd/ 

D. /usr/systemd/unit 

E. /usr/systemd/servieel 

F. /usr/systemd/target/ 

G. /etc/systemd/units/ 

H. /etc/init.d/units/ 

Answer: A,B 

Q17. You are viewing the manual page of crontab, but it does not contain the information you are looking for You suspect there is another crontab manual page. Which command could you use to find out if another crontab manual page exists? (Choose two.) 

A. man a crontab 

B. whatis crontab 

C. man -k crontab 

D. man - -next crontab 

E. man - -showall crontab 

Answer: B,C 

Q18. Which statement regarding symbolic links is true? (Choose two.) 

A. A symbolic link can point to a file on a different file system. 

B. A symbolic link and the file it points to share the same inode. 

C. if you delete the symbolic link, the original file is deleted as well. 

D. |f you delete the original file, the symbolic link points to a non-existing file. 

E. With a symbolic link, you cannot see directly that it is a link. 


Q19. What does the following command do? tar -czvf /tmp/backup.tgz /etc/HOSTNAME 

A. it extracts the /etc/HOSTNAME file from the /tmp/backup.tgz archive. 

B. ft includes the /etc/HOSTNAME file in the newly created /tmp/backup.tgz archive. 

C. it produces an error message because the options are in the wrong sequence. 

D. It displays a line similar to the following, but otherwise does nothing: -rw-r - -r- - root/root 23 2005-03-11 14:20 etc/HOSTNAME 


Q20. From command mode in vi, what do you have to do to entertext? 

A. Press e 

B. Press i 

C. Press k 

D. Press w