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To enforce the Security Policy correctly, a Security Gateway requires:

  • A. a routing table
  • B. awareness of the network topology
  • C. a Demilitarized Zone
  • D. a Security Policy install

Answer: B

Explanation: The network topology represents the internal network (both the LAN and the DMZ) protected by the gateway. The gateway must be aware of the layout of the network topology to:
Correctly enforce the Security Policy.
Ensure the validity of IP addresses for inbound and outbound traffic.
Configure a special domain for Virtual Private Networks.

The Captive Portal tool:

  • A. Acquires identities from unidentified users.
  • B. Is only used for guest user authentication.
  • C. Allows access to users already identified.
  • D. Is deployed from the Identity Awareness page in the Global Properties settings.

Answer: A

Fill in the blank: Browser-based Authentication sends users to a web page to acquire identities using ____ .

  • A. User Directory
  • B. Captive Portal and Transparent Kerberos Authentication
  • C. Captive Portal
  • D. UserCheck

Answer: B

Explanation: To enable Identity Awareness:
Log in to SmartDashboard.
From the Network Objects tree, expand the Check Point branch.
Double-click the Security Gateway on which to enable Identity Awareness.
In the Software Blades section, select Identity Awareness on the Network Security tab.
The Identity Awareness
Configuration wizard opens.
Select one or more options. These options set the methods for acquiring identities of managed and unmanaged assets.
AD Query - Lets the Security Gateway seamlessly identify Active Directory users and computers
Browser-Based Authentication - Sends users to a Web page to acquire identities from unidentified users. If Transparent Kerberos Authentication is configured, AD users may be identified transparently.

Which R77 GUI would you use to see number of packets accepted since the last policy install?

  • A. SmartView Monitor
  • B. SmartView Tracker
  • C. SmartDashboard
  • D. SmartView Status

Answer: A

The fw monitor utility is used to troubleshoot which of the following problems?

  • A. Phase two key negotiation
  • B. Address translation
  • C. Log Consolidation Engine
  • D. User data base corruption

Answer: B

Fill in the blank: Licenses can be added to the License and Contract repository _____.

  • A. From the User Center, from a file, or manually
  • B. From a file, manually, or from SmartView Monitor
  • C. Manually, from SmartView Monitor, or from the User Center
  • D. From SmartView Monitor, from the User Center, or from a file

Answer: A

Using R80 Smart Console, what does a “pencil icon” in a rule mean?

  • A. I have changed this rule
  • B. Someone else has changed this rule
  • C. This rule is managed by check point’s SOC
  • D. This rule can’t be changed as it’s an implied rule

Answer: A

You have two rules, ten users, and two user groups in a Security Policy. You create database version 1 for this configuration. You then delete two existing users and add a new user group. You modify one rule and add two new rules to the Rule Base. You save the Security Policy and create database version 2. After a while, you decide to roll back to version 1 to use the Rule Base, but you want to keep your user database. How can you do this?

  • A. Run fwm dbexport -1 filenam
  • B. Restore the databas
  • C. Then, run fwm dbimport -1 filename to import the users.
  • D. Run fwm_dbexport to export the user databas
  • E. Select restore the entire database in the Database Revision scree
  • F. Then, run fwm_dbimport.
  • G. Restore the entire database, except the user database, and then create the new user and user group.
  • H. Restore the entire database, except the user database.

Answer: D

What are the two types of address translation rules?

  • A. Translated packet and untranslated packet
  • B. Untranslated packet and manipulated packet
  • C. Manipulated packet and original packet
  • D. Original packet and translated packet

Answer: D

Explanation: NAT Rule Base
The NAT Rule Base has two sections that specify how the IP addresses are translated:
Original Packet
Translated Packet References:

How many users can have read/write access in Gaia at one time?

  • A. Infinite
  • B. One
  • C. Three
  • D. Two

Answer: B

Fill in the blank: The tool ____ generates a R80 Security Gateway configuration report.

  • A. infoCP
  • B. infoview
  • C. cpinfo
  • D. fw cpinfo

Answer: C

Explanation: CPInfo is an auto-updatable utility that collects diagnostics data on a customer's machine at the time of execution and uploads it to Check Point servers (it replaces the standalone cp_uploader utility for uploading files to Check Point servers).
The CPinfo output file allows analyzing customer setups from a remote location. Check Point support engineers can open the CPinfo file in a demo mode, while viewing actual customer Security Policies and Objects. This allows the in-depth analysis of customer's configuration and environment settings.
When contacting Check Point Support, collect the cpinfo files from the Security Management server and Security Gateways involved in your case.

Katie has been asked to do a backup on the Blue Security Gateway. Which command would accomplish this in the Gaia CLI?

  • A. Blue > add local backup
  • B. Expert&Blue#add local backing
  • C. Blue > set backup local
  • D. Blue > add backup local

Answer: D

After the initial installation the First Time Configuration Wizard should be run. Select the BEST answer.

  • A. First Time Configuration Wizard can be run from the Unified SmartConsole.
  • B. First Time Configuration Wizard can be run from the command line or from the WebUI.
  • C. First time Configuration Wizard can only be run from the WebUI.
  • D. Connection to the internet is required before running the First Time Configuration wizard.

Answer: B

Explanation: Check Point Security Gateway and Check Point Security Management require running the First Time Configuration Wizard in order to be configured correctly. The First Time Configuration Wizard is available in Gaia Portal and also through CLI.
To invoke the First Time Configuration Wizard through CLI, run the config_system command from the Exp shell.

Which of the following describes how Threat Extraction functions?

  • A. Detect threats and provides a detailed report of discovered threats
  • B. Proactively detects threats
  • C. Delivers file with original content
  • D. Delivers PDF versions of original files with active content removed

Answer: B

Which of the following methods can be used to update the trusted log server regarding the policy and configuration changes performed on the Security Management Server?

  • A. Save Policy
  • B. install Database
  • C. Save Session
  • D. install Policy

Answer: D

In R80 Management, apart from using SmartConsole, objects or rules can also be modified using:

  • A. 3rd Party integration of CLI and API for Gateways prior to R80.
  • B. A complete CLI and API interface using SSH and custom CPCode integration.
  • C. 3rd Party integration of CLI and API for Management prior to R80.
  • D. A complete CLI and API interface for Management with 3rd Party integration.

Answer: B

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