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Which of the below is the MOST correct process to reset SIC from SmartDashboard?

  • A. Run cpconfig, and click Reset.
  • B. Click the Communication button for the firewall object, then click Rese
  • C. Run cpconfig on the gateway and type a new activation key.
  • D. Run cpconfig, and select Secure Internal Communication > Change One Time Password.
  • E. Click Communication > Reset on the Gateway object, and type a new activation key.

Answer: B

What is the default shell for the command line interface?

  • A. Expert
  • B. Clish
  • C. Admin
  • D. Normal

Answer: B

Explanation: The default shell of the CLI is called clish References:

Fill in the blank: The IPS policy for pre-R80 gateways is installed during the _____.

  • A. Firewall policy install
  • B. Threat Prevention policy install
  • C. Anti-bot policy install
  • D. Access Control policy install

Answer: B


R80.10 management server can manage gateways with which versions installed?

  • A. Versions R77 and higher
  • B. Versions R76 and higher
  • C. Versions R75.20 and higher
  • D. Version R75 and higher

Answer: B

Vanessa is expecting a very important Security Report. The Document should be sent as an attachment via
e-m ail. An e-mail with Security_report.pdf file was delivered to her e-mail inbox. When she opened the PDF file, she noticed that the file is basically empty and only few lines of text are in it. The report is missing some graphs, tables and links. Which component of SandBlast protection is her company using on a Gateway?

  • A. SandBlast Threat Emulation
  • B. SandBlast Agent
  • C. Check Point Protect
  • D. SandBlast Threat Extraction

Answer: D

You are the Security Administrator for MegaCorp. In order to see how efficient your firewall Rule Base is, you would like to see how many often the particular rules match. Where can you see it? Give the BEST answer.

  • A. In the SmartView Tracker, if you activate the column Matching Rate.
  • B. In SmartReporter, in the section Firewall Blade – Activity > Network Activity with information concerning Top Matched Logged Rules.
  • C. SmartReporter provides this information in the section Firewall Blade – Security > Rule Base Analysis with information concerning Top Matched Logged Rules.
  • D. It is not possible to see it directl
  • E. You can open SmartDashboard and select UserDefined in the Track colum
  • F. Afterwards, you need to create your own program with an external counter.

Answer: C

If there are two administrators logged in at the same time to the SmartConsole, and there are objects locked for editing, what must be done to make them available to other administrators? Choose the BEST answer.

  • A. Publish or discard the session.
  • B. Revert the session.
  • C. Save and install the Policy.
  • D. Delete older versions of database.

Answer: A

Explanation: To make changes available to all administrators, and to unlock the objects and rules that are being edited, the administrator must publish the session.
To make your changes available to other administrators, and to save the database before installing a policy, you must publish the session. When you publish a session, a new database version is created.
When you select Install Policy, you are prompted to publish all unpublished changes. You cannot install a policy if the included changes are not published.

You are asked to check the status of several user-mode processes on the management server and gateway. Which of the following processes can only be seen on a Management Server?

  • A. fwd
  • B. fwm
  • C. cpd
  • D. cpwd

Answer: B

Ken wants to obtain a configuration lock from other administrator on R80 Security Management Server. He can do this via WebUI or a via CLI. Which command should be use in CLI? Choose the correct answer.

  • A. remove database lock
  • B. The database feature has one command lock database override.
  • C. override database lock
  • D. The database feature has two commands: lock database override and unlock databas
  • E. Both will work.

Answer: D

Explanation: Use the database feature to obtain the configuration lock. The database feature has two commands:
lock database [override].
unlock database
The commands do the same thing: obtain the configuration lock from another administrator.
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Fill in the blanks: A _____ license requires an administrator to designate a gateway for attachment whereas a _____ license is automatically attached to a Security Gateway.

  • A. Format; corporate
  • B. Local; formal
  • C. Local; central
  • D. Central; local

Answer: D

The CPD daemon is a Firewall Kernel Process that does NOT do which of the following?

  • A. Secure Internal Communication (SIC)
  • B. Restart Daemons if they fail
  • C. Transfer messages between Firewall processes
  • D. Pulls application monitoring status

Answer: D

When defining QoS global properties, which option below is not valid?

  • A. Weight
  • B. Authenticated timeout
  • C. Schedule
  • D. Rate

Answer: C

Fill in the blank: To build an effective Security Policy, use a _____ and _____ rule.

  • A. Cleanup; stealth
  • B. Stealth; implicit
  • C. Cleanup; default
  • D. Implicit; explicit

Answer: A

Which of these attributes would be critical for a site-to-site VPN?

  • A. Scalability to accommodate user groups
  • B. Centralized management
  • C. Strong authentication
  • D. Strong data encryption

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: The ____ software blade enables Application Security policies to allow, block, or limit website access based on user, group, and machine identities.

  • A. Application Control
  • B. Data Awareness
  • C. URL Filtering
  • D. Threat Emulation

Answer: A

Kofi, the administrator of the ABC Corp network wishes to change the default Gaia WebUI Portal port number currently set on the default HTTPS port. Which CLISH commands are required to be able to change this TCP port?
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  • A. set web ssl-port <new port number>
  • B. set Gaia-portal <new port number>
  • C. set Gaia-portal https-port <new port number>
  • D. set web https-port <new port number>

Answer: A

Explanation: In Clish
Connect to command line on Security Gateway / each
Log in to Clish.
Set the desired port (e.g., port 4434):
Cluster member.
HostName> set web ssl-port <Port_Number>
Save the changes:
HostName> save config
Verify that the configuration was saved:
[Expert@HostName]# grep 'httpd:ssl_port' /config/db/initial References:

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