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Q1. In which two formats does Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) provide statistics? 

A. Persistent 

B. Temporary 

C. Unlimited 

D. Basic 

E. Full 

Answer: A,B 


Q2. What are three reasons an implementation of an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution is superior to that of scripts or third-party tools? 

A. It is a part of the database, which means no added installations, configurations, extra user accounts,privilege granting, etc. 

B. It eliminates the need to reverify compatibility, upgrade third-party tools, or rewrite scripts after a patch ordatabase upgrade. 

C. It has the largest library of custom scripts and procedures and includes an assembly builder to maintainthem and add more. 

D. Results come from the Oracle Database Optimizer and not rules or heuristics trying to predict what theoptimizer may do. 

E. It is the most inexpensive tool in the market. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q3. To use Automatic Database Diagnostic Management capability on a database using a SQL script, command line, database views, or from a GUI, which option needs to be licensed? 

A. Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases 

B. Oracle Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

C. Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

D. Oracle ADDM Pack 

E. Nothing else needs to be licensed. 


Q4. As of Oracle Database 12c, which functionality to access database diagnostic and performance has been superseded by Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express? 

A. SQL Developer 

B. SQL Plus 

C. Database console 

D. SQL Express 

E. Grid Control 



Q5. Which option would you use to capture workloads from one or more systems concurrently and then play them back? 

A. Automatic Workload Repository 

B. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 

C. Consolidated Database Replay 

D. Consolidation Planner 

E. Workload Consolidator and Playback 


Q6. To isolate performance problem in an Oracle real Application Cluster, for which two abilities would you implement Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases? 

A. Cluster-wide performance analysis and reports with ADDM on issues that affect an entire databaseas wellas its individual instances. 

B. Database-wide analysis of global resources by ADDM for high-load SQL, global cache interconnect traffic,and skew in instance response times. 

C. ADDM X$ and V$ performance analysis and reports that compare the overall RAC Database to the sum ofits individual database instances. 

D. ADDM recommendations inclusive of SAN and NFS mounted storage to pinpoint issues within the storagecache. 

E. ADDM's ability to review SNMP trap error messages and automatically open trouble tickets. 

Answer: C,D 

Q7. An Oracle Database customer's VP of Development mentions that they've moved to AGILE development methodology and DevOps requires an ability to view, test, or validate performance in their own development environment. Which two do you implement? 

A. Oracle Application Infrastructure Tester 

B. Oracle Application Testing Suite 

C. SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. APEX and SQL Developer 

F. Oracle Testing Pack 

Answer: B,D 

Q8. Which four use cases could Database Replay be used to test for database performance changes? 

A. a change in operating system versions 

B. compare Flashback workload 

C. check a workload from a single instance on an Oracle RAC database 

D. check a workload after database parameters have been changed 

E. check a workload from one database release on another database released 

F. upgrade an application 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q9. A customer has database performance issues within their Oracle Real Application Cluster. What is the next step? 

A. Run the V$RAC script to dump all the RAC statistics and look for what has the highest metric accumulation. 

B. Use the application load testing utility to overload a copy of their application in development to flush out theissue. 

C. Turnoff RAC interconnects to isolate any network issues impacting database performance problems. 

D. Use a third-party RAC tool to identify the bad SQL and then rewrite it. 

E. Utilize the Oracle Database Performance Method to help identify and correct issue. 


Q10. SQL Access Advisor takes database workload as input and recommends adding various access structures. Which three does it consider the impact of adding when it generates recommendations? 

A. Materialized views 

B. Indexes 

C. Partitions 

D. Tablespaces 

E. V$ performance views 

F. Hints 

Answer: B,D,E