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Q1. Before you can define an alias for a dimension or member in EPMA, you must 

A. Do nothing; the Alias property is created by default 

B. Create an Alias dimension and associate it 

C. Create an Alias attribute 

D. Create an Alias Property 

E. Create an Alias Table 


Q2. How many members Lists can you load at one time? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 4 

D. 10 


Q3. Which utility imports users, groups, and roles into Shared Services? 

A. ImportSecurity.cmd 

B. ExportSecurity.cmd 

C. ProvisionUsers.cmd 

D. UpdateUsers.cmd 

E. CSSImport.cmd 


Q4. What four actions can an administrator perform from the FM Administration menu? 

A. Manage documents. 

B. View system messages. 

C. Run Data and Task Audits. 

D. Manage Task Flows. 

E. Manage Security. 

Answer: ABCD 

Q5. Assuming you are using version, right-click menus are available in 

A. Data grids only 

B. Data forms only 

C. Task lists only 

D. Data grids and Data forms 

E. Data grids, Data forms, and Task lists 


Q6. Given the following syntax in a business rule: Identify the two variables. 

A. Calculate () 

B. strview 

C. Hs.Exp 


E. strPOV 

Answer: BE 

Q7. Identify the three true statements about I/C activity. 

A. Intercompany transactions are eliminated at the first common parent. 

B. Intercompany transactions can be processed for both open and closed periods. 

C. Matching tolerances can be set by percent, dollar amount, or both. 

D. Eliminations are processed during both Calculation and Consolidation processes. 

E. I/C reports are available to display transactions by status-Matched, Mismatched, or Unmatched. 

Answer: ACE 

Q8. What four steps are required to configure an FDM application with an FM application? 

A. Dimension names between FDM and FM are set in the FDM workbench or the Web client under metadata/dimensions. 

B. Define the FM application name in Integration Settings in FDM. 

C. Define the FM server name in machine profiles' properties. 

D. Map locations to an entity using the FDM workbench under Integration Settings. 

E. Define the FDM Web server name under Integration Settings in the FDM workbench. 

Answer: ABCD 

Q9. Identify the four processes through which Financial Management supports a virtual close. 

A. A fully automated consolidation tool that combines financial data across many ledgers and consolidates to a corporate or business unit level 

B. Automatic posting of eliminating entries, accrual entries, and allocations 

C. Automated collection, mapping, verification, and movement of data 

D. Automated intercompany processing 

E. Analysis capabilities throughout close over the Web and in Excel 

Answer: ACDE 

Q10. Identify the three true statements about ERP Integrator (ERPI). 

A. ERPI supports PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP. 

B. ERPI integrates metadata and data from ERP source system into an Oracle Hyperion EPM target application. 

C. ERPI provides drill through from Financial Management data forms, Smart View, and Financial Reporting. 

D. ERPI provides drill through to BI Dashboards. 

E. ERPI under the covers is Oracle Data Integrator. 

Answer: ABD