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Q11. Identify three valid application settings 

A. MaxNumDocAttachments 

B. UseSecurityForEntities 

C. UseSecurityForValue 

D. Va1idationAccount 

E. SupportSubmissionPhaseforEntity 

Answer: ABD 

Q12. Identify the three true statements. The EPMA import files for metadata_______. 

A. Contains sections for Dimensions, Dimension Associations, Hierarchies, and Members 

B. Requires the Dimensions, Dimension Associations, Hierarchies, and Members section to create a dimension 

C. Expects the Hierarchies section to be in Parent/Child format 

D. Requires that all members must be declared in the Members section before they can be added to the HIERARCHIES section 

E. Has it that the header, file_format = ads version =1.0, is optional for the import file 

Answer: ACE 

Q13. Into which Value dimension member can a journal be entered? 

A. [Parent Adjs] 

B. <Child Curr Adjs> 

C. [Entity Adjs] 

D. <Entity Currency> 

E. [USD] 


Q14. Which clearing data using the Database Management module, dimension is not included for selection? 

A. Scenario 

B. Account 

C. Custom1 

D. Entity 

E. Value 


Q15. When designing for Planning and Financial Management, what are the design considerations for dimensions and member? 

A. In FM, spaces are allowed in member names while in Planning, spaces are not allowed in member names. 

B. In FM, spaces are not allowed in member names while in Planning, spaces are allowed in member names. 

C. In FM, descriptions are not required to be unique while in Planning, aliases must be unique. 

D. A and C 

E. B and C 


Q16. The Account dimension's Is ICP "R" property specifies________. 

A. If ICP transactions, including self-ICP transactions, are enabled for the account 

B. If ICP transactions are not enabled for the account 

C. if ICP transactions can be drilled back to source activity 

D. if ICP transactions are enabled for the account, but the account cannot have ICP transactions with itself 


Q17. Given the following syntax in a business rule: 

A. Calculate () 

B. strview 

C. Hs.Exp 


E. Hs.Scenario.DEFAULTVIEW (“”) 


Q18. In addition to Sub translate routine, which two application settings are also used for translate? 

A. DefaultRateForICPAccounts 

B. DefaultRateForBalanceAccounts 

C. DefaultRateForExpenseAccounts 

D. DefaultRateForFlowAccounts 

Answer: BD 

Q19. Custom dimensions may be used to perform A. Cash Flows 

B. Roll forwards 

C. Historical Overrides 

D. B and C 

E. A, B, and C 


Q20. What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()? 

A. Specifies which dimensions have member lists 

B. Names each member list in each dimension 

C. Specifies the valid members for a member list 

D. Specifies the number of lists for each dimension 

E. Is used to create both static and dynamic lists 

Answer: ABD