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Q1. Which two are benefits of polymorphism? 

A. Faster code at runtime 

B. More efficient code at runtime 

C. More dynamic code at runtime 

D. More flexible and reusable code 

E. Code that is protected from extension by other classes 

Answer: C,D 

Q2. Given: 

Which code fragment, when inserted at line 7, enables the code print true? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q3. Consider following method 

Which statement is true? 

A. This method is invalid. 

B. This method can be used only in an interface. 

C. This method can return anything. 

D. This method can be used only in an interface or an abstract class. 

E. None of above. 



Given method is declared as default method so we can use it only inside an interface. 

Hence option B is correct and option D is incorrect. 

Option A is incorrect as it is valid method. Option C is incorrect as return type is void, which 

means we can't return anything. 

Q4. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. 20 

B. 25 

C. 29 

D. Compilation fails 

E. AnArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown at runtime 


Q5. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 3 4 5 6 

B. 3 4 3 6 

C. 5 4 5 6 

D. 3 6 4 6 


Q6. Given the code in a file 

And the commands: 


Java Traveler Java Duke What is the result? 

A. Happy Journey! Duke 

B. Happy Journey! Java 

C. An exception is thrown at runtime 

D. The program fails to execute due to a runtime error 


Q7. Given: 

And given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. 4W 100 Auto 4W 150 Manual 

B. Null 0 Auto 4W 150 Manual 

C. Compilation fails only at line n1 

D. Compilation fails only at line n2 

E. Compilation fails at both line n1 and line n2 



On line n1 implicit call to parameterized constructor is missing and n2 this() must be the first line. 

Q8. public class ForTest { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

int[] arrar = {1,2,3}; 

for ( foo ) { 

Which three are valid replacements for foo so that the program will compiled and run? 

A. int i: array 

B. int i = 0; i < 1; i++ 

C. ;; 

D. ; i < 1; i++ 

E. ; i < 1; 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q9. Given: 

public class MyClass { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

String s = " Java Duke "; 

int len = s.trim().length(); 


What is the result? 

A. 8 

B. 9 

C. 11 

D. 10 

E. Compilation fails 


Explanation: Java - String trim() Method 

This method returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace omitted. 

Q10. Given the code fragment: 

Which three code fragments can be independently inserted at line nl to enable the code to print one? 

A. Byte x = 1; 

B. short x = 1; 

C. String x = "1"; 

D. Long x = 1; 

E. Double x = 1; 

F. Integer x = new Integer ("1"); 

Answer: A,B,F