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2021 Jul 1z0-808 sample question

Q11. Which of the following data types will allow the following code snippet to compile? 

A. long 

B. double 

C. int 

D. float 

E. byte 

Answer: B,D 


Option B and D are the correct answer. 

Since the variables I and j are floats, resultant will be float type too. So we have to use float 

or primitive type which can hold float, such a primitive type is double, it has wider range 

and also can hold floating point numbers, hence we can use double or float for the blank. 

As explained above options B and D are correct. 

long and int can't be used with floating point numbers so option A is incorrect. 

Option E is incorrect as it have smaller range and also can't be used with floating point 



Q12. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result if the integer aVar is 9? 

A. 10 Hello World! 

B. Hello Universe! 

C. Hello World! 

D. Compilation fails. 

Answer: A 

Q13. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 6 7 8 

B. 7 8 9 

C. 0 1 2 

D. 6 8 10 

E. Compilation fails 

Answer: A 

Q14. What is the name of the Java concept that uses access modifiers to protect variables and hide them within a class? 

A. Encapsulation 

B. Inheritance 

C. Abstraction 

D. Instantiation 

E. Polymorphism 

Answer: A 

Q15. Given: 

Which option enables the code to compile? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: C,D 

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Q16. Given: 

And given the commands: 

javac Test.Java 

Java Test Hello 

What is the result? 

A. Success 

B. Failure 

C. Compilation fails. 

D. An exception is thrown at runtime 

Answer: B 

Q17. Given the code in a file 

And the commands: 


Java Traveler Java Duke What is the result? 

A. Happy Journey! Duke 

B. Happy Journey! Java 

C. An exception is thrown at runtime 

D. The program fails to execute due to a runtime error 

Answer: D 

Q18. Consider following interface. 

Which of the following will create instance of Runnable type? 

A. Runnable run = 0 -> {System.out.println("Run");} 

B. Runnable run = 0 -> System.outprintlnfRun"); 

C. Runnable run = 0 > System.outprintlnfRun"); 

D. Runnable run = > System.ouLprintlnfRun"}; 

E. None of the above. 

Answer: A 


Option A is the correct answer. 

To create we have used following method with LocalDate class; 

public static LocalDate of(intyear, int month, intdayOfMonth) 

Here we need to remember that month is not zero based so if you pass 1 for month, then 

month will be January. 

Then we have used period object of 1 day and add to date object which makes current date 

to next day, so final output is 2015-03-27. Hence option A is correct. 

Q19. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 10 : 22 : 20 

B. 10 : 22 : 22 

C. 10 : 22 : 6 

D. 10 : 30 : 6 

Answer: B 

Q20. Given: 

Which code fragment should you use at line n1 to instantiate the dvd object successfully? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: C