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2021 Oct 1z0-808 rapidshare

Q91. Which of the following will print current time? 

A. System.out.print(new LocalTime()-now0); 

B. System.out.print(new LocalTime()); 

C. System.ouLprint(; 

D. System.ouLprint(; 

E. None of the above. 



The LocalTime is an interface, so we can't use new keyword with them. So options A and C are incorrect. To get current time we can call now method on LocalTime interface. So option C is correct. Option D is incorrect as there is no method called today as in LocalTime interface 

Q92. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result if the integer aVar is 9? 

A. 10 Hello world! 

B. 10 Hello universe! 

C. 9 Hello world! 

D. Compilation fails. 


Q93. Given the code fragment: 

Which two modifications, made independently, enable the code to compile? 

A. Make the method at line n1 public. 

B. Make the method at line n2 public. 

C. Make the method at line n3 public. 

D. Make the method at line n3 protected. 

E. Make the method at line n4 public. 

Answer: C,D 

Q94. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. A B C Work done 

B. A B C D Work done 

C. A Work done 

D. Compilation fails 


Q95. Given: 

A. ns = 50 S = 125 ns = 125 S = 125 ns = 100 S = 125 

B. ns = 50 S = 125 ns = 125 S = 125 ns = 0 S = 125 

C. ns = 50 S = 50 ns = 125 S = 125 ns = 100 S = 100 

D. ns = 50 S = 50 ns = 125 S = 125 ns = 0 S = 125 


Renewal 1z0-808 training:

Q96. Which two actions will improve the encapsulation of a class? 

A. Changing the access modifier of a field from public to private 

B. Removing the public modifier from a class declaration 

C. Changing the return type of a method to void 

D. Returning a copy of the contents of an array or ArrayList instead of a direct reference 

Answer: A,D 


Q97. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. 2 4 

B. 0 2 4 6 

C. 0 2 4 

D. Compilation fails 


Q98. Given the fragments: 

Which line causes a compilation error? 

A. Line n1 

B. Line n2 

C. Line n3 

D. Line n4 


Q99. Which statement is true about the default constructor of a top-level class? 

A. It can take arguments. 

B. It has private access modifier in its declaration. 

C. It can be overloaded. 

D. The default constructor of a subclass always invokes the no-argument constructor of its superclass. 


Explanation: In both Java and C#, a "default constructor" refers to a nullary constructor that is automatically generated by the compiler if no constructors have been defined for the class. The default constructor is also empty, meaning that it does nothing. A programmer-defined constructor that takes no parameters is also called a default constructor. 

Q100. Given: 

public class Test { 

static boolean bVar; 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

boolean bVar1 = true; 

int count =8; 

do { 

System.out.println("Hello Java! " +count); 

if (count >= 7) { 

bVar1 = false; 

} while (bVar != bVar1 && count > 4); 

count -= 2; 

What is the result? 

A. Hello Java! 8 Hello Java! 6 Hello Java! 4 

B. Hello Java! 8 Hello Java! 6 

C. Hello Java! 8 

D. Compilation fails 


Explanation: Hello Java! 8