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Q11. Which statement is true about the difference between HASH and BTREE INDEXES?

A. HASH indexes support rightmost prefixing of keys, which makes them faster than BTREE indexes in many causes.

B. HASH indexes can be used by the optimizer to speed up ORDER BY operations and not BTREE indexes.

C. HASH indexes are used only for equality comparisons (= or<=>),whereas BTREE indexes can also be used for range searches (>or<).

D. HASH indexes are much faster than BTREE indexes but can only be used for a single column.

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference:

Q12. Which statement describes the process of normalizing databases?

A. All text is trimmed to fit into the appropriate fields. Capitalization and spelling errors are corrected.

B. Redundant tables are combined into one larger table to simplify the schema design.

C. Numeric values are checked against upper and lower accepted bounds. All text is purged of illegal characters.

D. Columns that contain repeating data values are split into separate tables to reduce item duplication.

E. Indexes are created to improve query performance. The data of types of columns are adjusted to use the smallest allocation.

Answer: D

Q13. A statement exists that can duplicate the definition of the ‘world’table.

What is missing?






Answer: D

Q14. Assume the user has just connected to the MySQL server.

What is the result of the query SELECT @ a?

A. An error that @ a is undefined

B. A single NULL

C. An empty string

D. The value of GLOBAL variable @ a

Answer: B

Q15. The application logs contain many entries of the following:

ERROR 1153 (OSSO1): Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes With two scenarios can (Hibernate this error message?

A. The application tried to INSERT a row that exceeded max_allowed_packet.

B. The network caused an error Inducing the max_allowed_packet error.

C. The application did not use the COMPRESS () function for a large result set.

D. The application tried to SELECT many rows together that exceeded max allowed_packet.

E. The application tried to SELECT a row that exceeded max_allowed_packet.

F. The operating system caused an error inducing the max_allowed_packet error.

Answer: A,F

Q16. Assume that none of the databases exist. Which statement results in an error?






Answer: A

Q17. A table (t1) contains 1000 random integer values in the first column (col1). The random values range from 1 to 1000.

You execute this query:

SELECT col1 FROM t1 WHERE col1< 100 UNION

SELECT col1 FROM t1 WHERE col1 BETWEEN 100 and 200


SELECT col1 FROM t1 WHERE col 1 >=900

What is the output?

A. A list of unique values within the ranges of 1-200 and 900-1000

B. A list of unique values within the range of 1-200 and a list of all values, including duplicates, on the table within the range of 900-1000

C. A list of all values , including duplicates, in the range of 1-200 and a list of unique values in the range of 900-1000

D. A list of all values, including duplicates, in the ranges of 1-200 and 900-1000

E. An error, because mixing UNION and UNION ALL in the same query is not permitted

Answer: C

Q18. Consider the content of the class and student tables: Class

Which three queries produce the same result?


FROM class

INNER JOIN student

ON class.class_id=student.class_id


FROM JOIN student LEFT JOIN student

ON class. Class.class_id=student.class_id


FROM class

INNER JOIN student

WHERE NOT ISNULL (student.class_id)


FROM JOIN student

On class .class_id=student.class_id WHERE NOT ISNULL (student.class_id)


FROM student RIGHT JOIN class

ON class.class_id=student.class_id

Answer: D

Q19. You started a MySQL command –line session with sq1_ mode (empty), and created the person table with the structure:

Mysql> DESC person;

You issue:

INSERT INTO person VALUES (‘casper’, ‘undefined’) What is the effect?

A. ‘Casper’ and ‘ undefined values are inserted into the ‘name’ and gender’ column.

B. The server returns an error indicating that ‘undefined’ cannot be inserted into a column of ENUM type

C. The server returns a warning and the empty string is inserted to the ‘gender’ column.

D. The server returns a warning and the first specified value ,”male” is inserted to the gender column.

Answer: B

Q20. Inspect the SELECT query:

Mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT employees. Emp_no, first_name, last_name FROM employees JOIN title WHERE to_date > ‘2008-10-11’;

2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Which action will optimize the query?

A. Add an index to the employees. emp _no column.

B. Add the keyword STRAIGHT_JOIN.

C. Add an index on the to_ date column.

D. Add the FORCE INDEX (PRIMARY) optimizer hint for the employees table.

Answer: C