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2021 Sep 200-125 book

Q51. - (Topic 6) 

A network administrator needs to configure port security on a switch. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The network administrator can apply port security to dynamic access ports. 

B. The network administrator can apply port security to EtherChannels. 

C. When dynamic MAC address learning is enabled on an interface, the switch can learn new addresses, up to the maximum defined. 

D. The sticky learning feature allows the addition of dynamically learned addresses to the running configuration. 

E. The network administrator can configure static secure or sticky secure MAC addresses in the voice VLAN. 

Answer: C,D 

Q52. - (Topic 7) 

What are three values that must be the same within a sequence of packets for Netflow to consider them a network flow? (Choose three.) 

A. source IP address 

B. source MAC address 

C. egress interface 

D. ingress interface 

E. destination IP address 

F. IP next-hop 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q53. - (Topic 4) 

Which command would you use on a Cisco router to verify the Layer 3 path to a host? 

A. tracert address 

B. traceroute address 

C. telnet address 

D. ssh address 

Answer: B 

Q54. - (Topic 1) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

Host A pings interface S0/0 on router 3. What is the TTL value for that ping? 

A. 252 

B. 253 

C. 254 

D. 255 

Answer: B 

Q55. - (Topic 4) 

Which parameter would you tune to affect the selection of a static route as a backup, when a dynamic protocol is also being used? 

A. hop count 

B. administrative distance 

C. link bandwidth 

D. link delay 

E. link cost 

Answer: B 

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Q56. - (Topic 7) 


Refer to the topology. Your company has decided to connect the main office with three other remote branch offices using point-to-point serial links. 

You are required to troubleshoot and resolve OSPF neighbor adjacency issues between the main office and the routers located in the remote branch offices. 

An OSPF neighbor adjacency is not formed between R3 in the main office and R6 in the Branch3 office. What is causing the problem? 

A. There is an area ID mismatch. 

B. There is a PPP authentication issue; the username is not configured on R3 and R6. 

C. There is an OSPF hello and dead interval mismatch. 

D. The R3 router ID is configured on R6. 

Answer: D 

Q57. DRAG DROP - (Topic 4) 


Q58. - (Topic 9) 

Which spanning-tree protocol rides on top of another spanning-tree protocol? 




D. Mono Spanning Tree 

Answer: A 

Q59. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

According to the routing table, where will the router send a packet destined for 





Answer: C 

Q60. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the graphic. 

R1 is unable to establish an OSPF neighbor relationship with R3. What are possible reasons for this problem? (Choose two.) 

A. All of the routers need to be configured for backbone Area 1. 

B. R1 and R2 are the DR and BDR, so OSPF will not establish neighbor adjacency with R3. 

C. A static route has been configured from R1 to R3 and prevents the neighbor adjacency from being established. 

D. The hello and dead interval timers are not set to the same values on R1 and R3. 

E. EIGRP is also configured on these routers with a lower administrative distance. 

F. R1 and R3 are configured in different areas. 

Answer: D,F