Exam Code: 200-310 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 May 200-310 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. When designing for a remote worker, which two are typical requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. best-effort interactive and low-volume traffic patterns 

B. connections to the enterprise edge using Layer 2 WAN technologies 

C. always-on connection with SLA from ISP 

D. voice and IPsec VPN support 

E. high-end security devices with stateful firewall filtering 

F. dual or multihoming to ISPs 

Answer: C,D 

Q12. An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria: 

. has a low initial cost 

. provides low-to-medium BW 

. has medium-to-high latency and jitter 

Which technology should the organization use? 


B. X.25 


D. wireless 

E. analog modem 

Answer: A 

Q13. What are the three primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Choose three.) 

A. provide end-user connectivity 

B. provide high speed transport 

C. provide QoS services 

D. enforce security policies 

E. provide WAN connections 

F. connect access devices to the core backbone 

Answer: C,D,F 

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Q14. Which is a factor in enterprise campus design decisions? 

A. network application characteristics 

B. routing protocol characteristics 

C. switching latency characteristics 

D. packet filtering characteristics 

Answer: A 

Q15. A company has dark fiber between headquarters and its data center. It is presently configured as a 10GbE connection. Network utilization shows high utilization on the connection. What technology can be implemented to increase capacity without acquiring another circuit? 





Answer: B 

Q16. What significant advantage does EIGRP have over OSPF? 

A. easy summarization 

B. shorter convergence times 

C. single area operation 

D. low processor utilization 

Answer: B 


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Q17. Router A has three feasible successors to the network, which are listed here: 

Option 1 has a metric of 8123228. 

Option 2 has a metric of 2195467. 

Option 3 has a metric of 8803823. 

The variance 4 command was issued on Router A. How many active entries does Router A have in its routing table for the network? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

Answer: C 

Q18. Multicast has been enabled and configured in the Enterprise, and PIM Sparse-mode has been enabled on all VLANs. What feature is required to stop multicast traffic from being broadcasted on the access layer switches? 

A. IGMP snooping 

B. Multicast boundary filter 

C. PIM dense-mode 

D. Dynamic ARP inspection 

Answer: A 

Q19. Which type of area should you use in an enterprise OSPF deployment if you want to prevent propagation of type 5 LSAs but still allow the redistribution of external routes? 

A. stub 

B. totally stubby 

C. backbone 


E. virtual link 

Answer: D 

Q20. Which consideration is the most important for the network designer when considering IP routing? 

A. convergence 

B. scalability 

C. on-demand routing 

D. redistribution 

Answer: A