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2021 Jun jbl scs-200 310 w:

Q161. When designing the infrastructure protection portion for the enterprise edge, which solution would be the most appropriate solution to consider? 

A. 802.1X 

B. ACLs in the core layer 

C. Cisco Security MARS 


Answer: D 

Q162. Refer to the list of requirements. Which IP telephony design model should you implement to fulfill these requirements?.- must be a single, large location with many remote sites -must have multisite WAN connectivity - requires SRST for call processing redundancy 

A. centralized 

B. distributed 

C. clustered 

D. decentralized 

Answer: A 

Q163. When you are designing a large IPv6 multivendor network, which IGP does Cisco recommend that you use? 

A. OSPFv3 

B. EIGRP for IPv6 


D. RIPng 

Answer: A 

Q164. When considering the three VoIP design models - single site, centralized multisite, and distributed multisite - which question below would help to eliminate one of the options? 

A. Will the switches be required to provide inline power? 

B. Will users need to make offsite calls, beyond the enterprise? 

C. Will users require applications such as voice mail and interactive voice response? 

D. Are there users whose only enterprise access is via a QoS-enabled WAN? 

Answer: D 

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Q165. Which network virtualization technology involves creating virtual routers with its own individual routing tables on a physical router? 


B. vPC 



Answer: C 

Q166. When designing the identity and access control portions for the enterprise campus network, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider? 

A. 802.1X 

B. ACLs in the core layer 

C. Cisco Security MARS 

D. NetFlow 

Answer: A 



Q168. What are the three modes of unicast reverse path forwarding? (Choose three.) 

A. strict 

B. loose 


D. global 


F. local 

Answer: A,B,C