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2021 Jul 310-200 vce:

Q21. What is a characteristic of campus core designs? 

A. fast transport 

B. security 

C. summarization 

D. redistribution 

Answer: A 

Q22. Which three pieces of information should be documented for each step in a design implementation plan? (Choose three.) 

A. step description 

B. design document references 

C. easy guidelines in case of failure 

D. estimated implementation time 

E. simple implementation guidelines 

F. estimated rollback time in case of failure 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q23. Which of these statements is true concerning the data center access layer design? 

A. The access layer in the data center is typically built at Layer 3, which allows for better sharing of services across multiple servers. 

B. With Layer 2 access, the default gateway for the servers can be configured at the access or aggregation layer. 

C. A dual-homing NIC requires a VLAN or trunk between the two access switches to support the dual IP addresses on the two server links to two separate switches. 

D. The access layer is normally not required, as dual homing is standard from the servers to the aggregation layer. 

Answer: B 

Q24. If a teleworker is required to access the branch office via a secure IPSEC VPN connection, which technology is recommended to provide the underlying transport? 


B. Metro Ethernet 

C. Frame Relay 



Answer: D 

Q25. Where in the network hierarchy should network access control be performed? 

A. backbone 

B. core 

C. access 

D. distribution 

Answer: C 

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Q26. You need to connect to a remote branch office via an Internet connection. The remote office does not use Cisco equipment. This connection must be secure and must support OSPF. Which of the following can be used to transport data to the branch office? 

A. GRE over IPsec 

B. IPsec 


D. IPsec VTI 

Answer: A 

Q27. A network engineer is using the Cisco enterprise architecture model. In what module do network management servers reside? 

A. Enterprise Campus 

B. Enterprise Edge 

C. Remote Modules 

D. SP Edge WAN/internet 

Answer: A 

Q28. In the enterprise data center, which are the three main components? (Choose three.) 

A. Network Infrastructure 

B. Interactive services 

C. Data Center Management 

D. Internet services 

E. WAN services 

F. VPN and remote access 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q29. You have a campus network that consists of only Cisco devices. You have been tasked to discover the device platforms, the IOS versions, and an IP address of each device to map the network. Which proprietary protocol will assist you with this task? 






Answer: C 

Q30. What routing configuration can prevent routing loops between IGPs? 

A. route filters 

B. route reflectors 

C. auto summarization 

D. virtual links 

Answer: A