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2021 Sep audi s3 310 ps 0-200:

Q51. What three considerations should be taken into account when selecting a routing protocol? (Choose three.) 

A. classful routing 

B. scalability 

C. default route origination 

D. multi vendor support 

E. link load balancing 

F. hop count 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q52. Which two enterprise campus layers are combined in a medium-sized LAN? (Choose two.) 

A. core 

B. distribution 

C. access 

D. backbone 

E. aggregation 

Answer: A,B 

Q53. Which three modular components are part of the Cisco Enterprise Edge Architecture? (Choose three.) 

A. e-commerce module 

B. Internet connectivity module 

C. server farm module 

D. remote access and VPN module 

E. PSTN services module 

F. enterprise branch module 

G. building distribution module 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q54. Which two routing protocols converge most quickly? (Choose two.) 

A. RIPv1 

B. RIPv2 




Answer: D,E 

Q55. Which statement describes an advantage of the Layer 2 access model over the Layer 3 access model in the data center? 

A. It enables NIC teaming. 

B. It removes STP dependency. 

C. It increases scalability. 

D. It decreases convergence. 

Answer: A 

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Avant-garde micro se 310-200:

Q56. A hierarchical design of the EIGRP domain facilitates which two of the following? (Choose two.) 

A. route summarization 

B. faster convergence 

C. unequal cost load balancing 

D. redistribution 

E. virtual links 

Answer: A,B 

Q57. A company must deploy an IGP routing protocol on an Enterprise Network. Where should route summarization be implemented? 

A. distribution 

B. core 

C. access 

D. backbone 

Answer: A 

Q58. A network engineer is using the traditional switched hierarchical design. The client has asked to increase uplink utilization from the access layer to the distribution. How can the engineer attain this new requirement without adding new physical connections? 

A. enable spanning-tree portfast 

B. enable VSS at the distribution layer 

C. increase the MTU size on the uplink interfaces 

D. ensure the root bridge priority is equal on both distribution switches 

Answer: B 

Q59. A client wants to consolidate applications that are currently housed at multiple sites to a remote data center. What two design requirements are unique to this scenario? (Choose two.) 

A. bandwidth 

B. security 

C. latency 

D. storage 

E. availability 

Answer: A,C 

Q60. What characteristic separates link state routing protocols from a distance vector? 

A. creates a topological view of the entire network 

B. path calculation utilizes a more granular metric 

C. does not scale well for large networks 

D. constantly shares link state updates throughout the topology 

Answer: A