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2021 Nov audi s3 310 ps 0-200:

Q71. Which Cisco device has the sole function at looking at threat detection and mitigation at the Enterprise edge? 

A. Cisco IOS router 

B. Cisco ASA 

C. Cisco Catalyst FWSM 

D. Cisco IPS 


Q72. When designing an EIGRP network, which two things should you take into consideration? (Choose two.) 

A. ASN and K values must match. 

B. The neighbor command can be used to enable unicast communication. 

C. The neighbor diameter cannot exceed a 15-hops limit. 

D. NSSA areas can be used to redistribute external routes. 

E. Neighbor relationship can be established with non-Cisco routers. 

Answer: A,B 

Q73. You are asked to design a new branch office that will need to support 25 users. These users will be using an ISP connection and will need to connect to the main office for network services..Which two Cisco devices are the most appropriate to fulfill all of these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco IPS 

B. Cisco ISR G2 

C. Cisco ASA 

D. Cisco 2960 

E. Cisco CRS-1 

F. Cisco ACS 

Answer: B,C 

Q74. Which is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate? 

A. 2 x 8 kHz x 4-bit code words 

B. 8 kHz x 8-bit code words 

C. 2 x 4-bit code words x 8 kHz 

D. 2 x 4 kHz x 8-bit code words 


Q75. Which three sources does a network designer use to collect information for characterizing an existing network? (Choose three.) 

A. staff input 

B. visual inventory 

C. network audit 

D. traffic analysis 

E. server statistics 

Answer: A,C,D 

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Q76. Application servers require load balancing and security services. Where in the data center network should these services be provisioned? 

A. core 

B. aggregation 

C. Layer 3 access 

D. distribution 


Q77. Your supervisor has asked you to deploy a routing protocol within the lab environment that will allow for unequal cost multipath routing. Which should you choose? 






Q78. Which Cisco Wireless LAN Controller interface is used for out-of-band management? 

A. service port 

B. management port 

C. controller port 

D. virtual port 


Q79. Which two statements about designing the Data Center Access layer are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Multiport NIC servers should each have their own IP address. 

B. Layer 3 connectivity should never be used in the access layer. 

C. Layer 2 connectivity is primarily implemented in the access layer. 

D. Multiport NIC servers should never be used in the access layer. 

E. Layer 2 clustering implementation requires servers to be Layer 2 adjacent. 

Answer: C,E 


User access is primarily layer 2 in nature, layer 2 clustering is possible only in layer 2 Here is the Explanation: from the Cisco press CCDA certification guide Figure 4-8. Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Overview 

Defining the DC Access Layer 

The data center access layer’s main purpose is to provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 physical port density for various servers in the data center. In addition, data center access layer switches provide high-performance, low-latency switching and can support a mix of oversubscription requirements. Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 access (also called routed access) designs are available, but most data center access layers are built using Layer 2 connectivity. The Layer 2 access design uses VLAN trunks upstream, which allows data center aggregation services to be shared across the same VLAN and across multiple switches. Other advantages of Layer 2 access are support for NIC teaming and server clustering that requires network connections to be Layer 2 adjacent or on the same VLAN with one another. 

CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 4 

Q80. A circuit order has been placed for Gigabit Ethernet and is 80KM from the carrier equipment. What type of SFP will be required? 

A. TX 

B. SX 

C. ZX 

D. LX