Q51. Which two are characteristics of a Lightweight Access Point? (Choose two.) 

A. managed via a central wireless LAN controller 

B. code upgrade performed via a TFTP server 

C. CAPWAP tunnels D. managed directly via CLI or web interface 

E. facilitates the creation of its own WLANs and port mappings 

Answer: A,C 

Q52. Which two routing protocols operate over NBMA point-to-multipoint networks without the use of point-to-point sub interfaces? (Choose two.) 

A. RIPv1 

B. RIPv2 




Answer: D,E 

Q53. A company requires a managed WAN solution that supports Layer 2 adjacency across remote offices for applications and services. What solution should be selected? 




D. FR 


Q54. Which WLC interface is dedicated for WLAN client data? 

A. virtual interface B. dynamic interface 

C. management interface 

D. AP manager interface 

E. service port interface 



WLC Interface Types 

A WLC has five interface types: 

Management interface (static, configured at setup, mandatory) is used for in-band management, connectivity to AAA, and Layer 2 discovery and association. 

Service-port interface (static, configured at setup, optional) is used for out-of-band management. It is an optional interface that is statically configured. 

AP manager interface (static, configured at setup, mandatory except for 5508 WLC) is used for Layer 3 discovery and association. It has the source IP address of the AP that is statically configured. 

Dynamic interface (dynamic) is analogous to VLANs and is designated for WLAN client data. 

Virtual interface (static, configured at setup, mandatory) is used for leaver 3 security authentication, DHCP relay support, and mobility management. 

Q55. Which three statements are true regarding the virtual interface on a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller? (Choose three.) 

A. supports mobility management 

B. serves as a DHCP relay 

C. used for all controller to AP communication 

D. supports embedded Layer 3 security 

E. default for out-of-band management 

F. default for in-band management 

G. provides connectivity to AAA servers 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q56. Which RFC defines the IPv6 standard? 

A. RFC 1918 

B. RFC 2338 

C. RFC 2460 

D. RFC 2740 


Q57. When designing an EIGRP network, which two things should you take into consideration? (Choose two.) 

A. ASN and K values must match. 

B. The neighbor command can be used to enable unicast communication. 

C. The neighbor diameter cannot exceed a 15-hops limit. 

D. NSSA areas can be used to redistribute external routes. 

E. Neighbor relationship can be established with non-Cisco routers. 

Answer: A,B 

Q58. You want to gather as much detail as possible during a network audit with a minimal impact on the network devices themselves. Which tool would you use to include data time stamping across a large number of interfaces while being customized according to each interface? 


B. SNMPv3 

C. NetFlow 

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol 


Q59. What two access point modes support the transmission of user traffic over a LWAPP/CAPWAP tunnel? (Choose two.) 

A. local 


C. rogue detector 

D. monitor 

E. sniffer 

F. standalone 

Answer: A,B 

Q60. When designing for a remote worker, which two are typical requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. best-effort interactive and low-volume traffic patterns 

B. connections to the enterprise edge using Layer 2 WAN technologies 

C. always-on connection with SLA from ISP 

D. voice and IPsec VPN support 

E. high-end security devices with stateful firewall filtering 

F. dual or multihoming to ISPs 

Answer: C,D