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Q1. When designing the identity and access control portions for the enterprise campus network, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider? 

A. 802.1X 

B. ACLs in the core layer 

C. Cisco Security MARS 

D. NetFlow 


Q2. An organization is deciding what routing protocol to use throughout their network. What must be considered if routing is to be performed at the access layer? 

A. reduced scalability of the network when introducing a large number of switch blocks into the routing table 

B. centralized management of access control lists at the distribution layer 

C. reliability when implementing routing over spanning-tree at the access layer 

D. performance differences between core, distribution and access layer equipment 


Q3. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which layer is the distribution layer? 

A. Layer A 

B. Layer B 

C. Layer C 

D. Layers A and B form a consolidated core and distribution layer 


Q4. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which three modules would typically utilize public IPv4 addressing? (Choose three.) 

A. Access 

B. Distribution 

C. Core 

D. Data Center 

E. E-Commerce 

F. Internet Connectivity 

G. Remote Access/VPN 


I. Branch 

J. Branch Data Center 

Answer: E,F,G 

Q5. What are two advantages of employing scalability when designing a campus network? (Choose two.) 

A. reduces operational cost 

B. higher port density 

C. investment protection 

D. consistent operation 

E. improved fault tolerance 

Answer: D,E 

Q6. A network engineer is designing an enterprise managed VPN solution for a large number of remote offices that do not have on-site IT support and communicate only with the home office. What type of VPN solution should be implemented? 



C. IPsec 



F. SSL client 


Q7. Which servers that reside in the data center require direct links to all other enterprise modules? 

A. network management servers 

B. DHCP servers 

C. Active Directory servers 

D. IP SLA servers 

E. web servers 


Q8. What three primary sources of information are needed to perform a network audit? (Choose three.) 

A. existing documentation 

B. new documentation 

C. existing network management software 

D. new network management tools 

E. management personnel 

F. technical personnel 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q9. According to Cisco, which four improvements are the main benefits of the PPDIOO lifecycle approach to network design? (Choose four.) 

A. faster ROI 

B. improved business agility 

C. increased network availability 

D. faster access to applications and services 

E. lower total cost of network ownership 

F. better implementation team engagement 

Answer: B,C,D,E 


The PPDIOO life cycle provides four main benefits: 

+ It improves business agility by establishing business requirements and technology strategies. 

+ It increases network availability by producing a sound network design and validating the network operation. 

+ It speeds access to applications and services by improving availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance. 

+ It lowers the total cost of ownership by validating technology requirements and planning for infrastructure changes and resource requirements. 

(Reference: Cisco CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, 3rd Edition) described in the link below. Link: 

Q10. What is the recommended spanning tree protocol to use for all Layer 2 deployments in a branch office environment? 





E. Rapid PVST +