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Q11. Which two items are needed to discover the IP address of a new Cisco Aironet 1260 autonomous AP that just finished booting? (Choose two.) 

A. username = "cisco" and password = "cisco" 

B. username = "Admin" and password = "Cisco" 

C. username=Cisco and password=Cisco 

D. show int vlan1 

E. show int bvi1 

F. show int gigabitethernet0 

G. show int radio0-802.11n 

H. show int radio1-802.11n 

Answer: C,E 

Q12. What two AP configurations will show RF prediction on maps in WCS? (Choose two.) 

A. Lightweight APs with internal antennas 

B. Lightweight APs with external Cisco antennas 

C. Lightweight APs with external 3rd Party antennas 

D. Autonomous APs with internal antennas 

E. Autonomous APs with external Cisco antennas 

F. Autonomous APs with external 3rd Party antennas 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. Refer to the exhibit. 

With the current Cisco WLC version 7.0 syslog level settings set the way they are, which log levels are captured by the Syslog server? 

A. syslog level errors only 

B. all syslog levels 

C. only the syslog severity level number of error and greater 

D. only the syslog severity level number of error and less 


Q14. What are the interface statuses of a lightweight AP working in rogue-detection mode? 

A. radios turned off, Ethernet interface up 

B. radios and Ethernet interfaces up 

C. radios turned on, Ethernet interface shut down 

D. radios turned on, Ethernet interface status controlled by Cisco WLC 


Q15. In a typical wireless network using WPA, WPA2 or VPN, why is it still possible for a rogue client to launch a DOS attack? 

A. WPA and WPA2 are not considered strong encryption algorithms and are easily cracked. 

B. 802.11 management frames are easily compromised. 

C. Cisco Compatible Extensions v5 are required with WPA, WPA2, or VPN to keep rogues from launching attacks in the wireless network. 

D. The message integrity check frames are never encrypted or authenticated, which allows rogues to spoof clients. 


Q16. Which EAP protocol requires a certificate only on the server side? 






Q17. Which module does the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client integrate into the AnyConnect client package for access to both wired and wireless networks? 

A. Network Access Manager 

B. Telemetry 

C. Web Security 



Q18. Which two statements about AES-CCMP are true? (Choose two.) 

A. It is an encryption algorithm used in the 802.11i security protocol. 

B. It is defined in 802.1X. 

C. It is the encryption algorithm used in TKIP implementations. 

D. It is required in WPA. 

E. It is required in WPA2. 

Answer: A,E 

Q19. An engineer is trying to determine from the controller CLI whether or not Telnet is enabled on the wireless controller. Which command can be entered to display this information? 

A. show network summary 

B. show aaa auth 

C. show radius summary 

D. show ldap statistics 


Q20. A Cisco WCS administrator has marked an alarm as acknowledged. For how many days does Cisco WCS prevent the alarm from reappearing, even if the source of the alarm reoccurs? 

A. 1 

B. 7 

C. 10 

D. 30