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2021 Jun 200-355 Study Guide Questions:

Q191. Which CAPWAP AP management-access method is available as the default setting? 

A. only the console port 

B. the console port and SSH 

C. the console port, SSH, and HTTPS 

D. SSH only 

Answer: A 

Q192. Which two items are used to help convert a lightweight AP into an autonomous AP? (Choose two.) 

A. HTTP express setup on the AP 

B. Cisco WCS template 

C. Cisco WLC CLI 

D. Windows Cisco Conversion Tool 

E. image with naming convention of platform_name-k9w7-tar.default 

F. image with naming convention of platform_name-rcvk9w8-tar 

Answer: C,E 

Q193. To implement a more secure means of communication for voice and data, what technology successfully resists interference by utilizing a wider bandwidth than needed for the transmitting signal? 

A. Spread Spectrum 

B. Microwave 

C. Extended U-NII2 

D. ISM Bands 

Answer: A

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Q194. A network engineer notices that two mesh APs are having problems communicating. After reviewing the current radio configurations, it is noted that one AP is transmitting at 3 mW while the other is transmitting at 60 mW. How many decibels would the 3-mW AP need its power increased to match the 60-mW AP? 

A. 8 

B. 12 

C. 13 

D. 20 

E. 57 

Answer: C 

Q195. Which of the following are three functions of Cisco RRM? (Choose three.) 


B. intercontroller roaming 

C. dynamic channel assignment 

D. intracontroller roaming 

E. coverage hole detection 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q196. Refer to the exhibit. 

At which point in the network topology must the trunk be configured to support multiple SSIDs for voice and data separation? 

A. A 

B. B 

C. C 

D. D 

Answer: D

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Q197. Which statement describes spread spectrum technology in wireless communications? 

A. Signal is spread across optical pulses. 

B. Signal is spread across variations of amplitudes. 

C. Signal is spread across one frequency. 

D. Signal is spread across a whole band of frequencies. 

Answer: D 

Q198. Which two actions are best for deploying VoWLAN on a wireless network? (Choose two.) 

A. Minimize the use of Class 3 Bluetooth devices. 

B. Minimize the use of analog cameras. 

C. Minimize the use of IP cameras. 

D. Maximize client access by enabling all data rates used by clients. 

E. Maximize client access by enabling only a few high data rates used by clients. 

Answer: B,E 

Q199. Which three items do you need to establish a wireless connection to an enterprise wireless network? (Choose three.) 

A. SSID name 

B. RF channel 

C. RF signal 

D. 802.1X/EAP credentials 

E. pre-shared key 

F. web page 

G. WPA/WPA2 settings 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q200. An engineer assists a user in configuring an Android device for authentication to an IEEE 802.1x EAP WLAN with PEAPv1. The Phase 2 authentication should be configured as which option? 





Answer: B