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2021 Jun 640-722 vs 200-355:

Q31. You are configuring SNMPv1/v2c on a WLC. What should you do for improved security? 

A. Remove the default SNMPv1 community. 

B. Remove the default SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 communities. 

C. Remove the default SNMPv2 community. 

D. Remove the default SNMPv3 users. 

Answer: B 

Q32. To mitigate DoS attacks on a network, what security method should be implemented? 


B. 802.1x 

C. Non-broadcast SSID 

D. Client MFP 

Answer: D 

Q33. Which command path correctly describes how to access and troubleshoot clients with Cisco WCS version 7.0? 

A. Tools > Clients > select displayed client's MAC address 

B. Tools > Clients > enter client's MAC address 

C. Monitor > Clients > click displayed client's MAC address 

D. Monitor > Clients > enter client's MAC address 

Answer: C 

Q34. In setting up the wireless network, it is desired that the DHCP server that is configured in WLC1 provides IP addressing to the WLAN. When devices attempt to join the network, they fail to receive an IP address in the range provided by the DHCP server in WLC1, but they do receive an IP address from the DHCP server in SW1. What is causing this issue? 

A. The external DHCP server in SW1 will always be the preferred DHCP server and WLC1 will always be the secondary DHCP server in the WLAN. 

B. The DHCP server address for SW1 needs to be removed from the DHCP server configuration in WLC1. 

C. The primary DHCP server address in WLC1 is incorrect. 

D. The primary DHCP server configured in WLC1 is not enabled. 

Answer: D 

Q35. What is the purpose of the Log Analysis tab on the Client Troubleshooting page in Cisco WCS? 

A. After you click start, the tab shows debug information for the client that is trying to re-associate. 

B. The tab searches the logs for similar problems of other clients and generates a report. 

C. The tab generates a report from historical logs for the client that is having problems. 

D. The tab shows logs from the past hour for the client that is having problems. 

Answer: A 

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Up to date 9tut ccna wireless 200-355:

Q36. Which Extensible Authentication Protocol types are supported by the Cisco Unified Wireless Network? 


B. LEAP and EAP-FAST only 


D. any EAP supported by the RADIUS authentication server 

Answer: D 

Q37. What is an interferer that an engineer may see in Cisco CleanAir? 

A. microwave ovens 

B. rogue APs 

C. malicious clients 

D. co-channel interference 

Answer: A 

Q38. Which Cisco AnyConnect module provides wireless connectivity? 

A. telemetry 

B. web security 




F. posture 


Answer: D 

Q39. What is the impact of configuring a single SSID to support TKIP and AES encryption simultaneously? 

A. The overhead associated with supporting both encryption methods degrades client throughput significantly. 

B. Some wireless client drivers might not handle complex SSID settings and may be unable to associate to the WLAN. 

C. This configuration is unsupported and the Cisco Wireless Control System generates alarms continuously until the configuration is corrected. 

D. This configuration is common for migrating from WPA to WPA2. No problem is associated with using this configuration. 

Answer: B 

Q40. Which option is needed to earn the Cisco Compatible credential for Cisco Compatible Extensions Lite? 

A. Foundation and Management are required. 

B. Location and Management are required. 

C. Foundation and Location are required. 

D. Foundation and Voice are required. 

E. Voice is required. 

F. Foundation is required. 

G. Location is required. 

H. Management is required. 

Answer: F