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2021 Jul ccna 200-355:

Q131. What is the EIRP value for a transmitter that has a transmitter capable of 15 dBm, an antenna that has a gain of 12 dBi, and a cable that connects the transmitter to the antenna that has 1 db loss? 

A. 26 dBm 

B. 100 mW 

C. .86 dBm 

D. 165 dBm 

E. 1000 mW 

Answer: A 

Q132. What are three functions of RRM? (Choose three.) 

A. dynamic channel assignment 

B. detection and avoidance of interference 

C. dynamic antenna polarization 

D. dynamic transmit power control 

E. dynamic controller selection 

F. detection and avoidance of AP client load 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q133. Refer to the exhibit. The wireless engineer has deployed the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller. The controller is responding on the service port; however, it will not respond on the management interface. Which configuration revision will fix the management interface? 

A. On the switch interface, configure switch(config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10. 

B. On the WLC management interface, disable LAG on the management network. 

C. On the switch interface, configure switch(config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan 10. 

D. On the WLC management interface, change the VLAN ID to 20. 

E. On the switch interface, configure no spanning-tree portfast trunk. 

F. On WLC Controller > General, disable LAG and reboot. 

Answer: A 

Q134. The AP is unable to join the WLC. What switch configuration will correct this problem? 

A. interface vlanl ip helper-address 

B. interface vlan20 ip helper-address 

C. ipdhcp pool vlanl option 43 ascii '' 

D. ip dhcp pool vlan20 option 43 ascii '' 

E. ipdhcp pool vlanl option 43 hex f1040a0a0a0a 

F. ip dhcp pool vlan20 option 43 hex f1040a0a0a0a 

Answer: F 

Q135. A customer wants to deploy a mesh network with 2 root access points and 10 mesh access points. The root access points should be configured as which mode on the WLC? 

A. mesh 

B. FlexConnect 

C. bridge 

D. rouge detection 

E. sniffer 

Answer: C 

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Q136. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two menus do you click to determine the reachability status of a controller from Cisco WCS? (Choose two.) 

A. Monitor 

B. Reports 

C. Configure 

D. Services 

E. Administration 

F. Tools 

Answer: A,C 

Q137. An 802.11g network is experiencing intermittent signal degradation and Spectrum Analyzer is being used to try and locate the problem. What two interferers would likely be identified? (Choose two.) 

A. multiple cell phones 

B. microwave oven 

C. FM Radio 

D. cordless phone 

E. document scanner 

Answer: B,D 

Q138. What must be done for Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS to communicate? 

A. The IP address and subnet mask of the Cisco WLC must be configured in the Cisco WCS. 

B. The IP address and subnet mask of the Cisco WCS must be configured in the Cisco WLC. 

C. The identity certificate of the Cisco WLC must be added to the Cisco WCS. 

D. The Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS must exchange identity certificates. 

Answer: A 

Q139. What path displays the current maps within the WCS version 7 GUI? 

A. Monitor > Maps 

B. Reports > Maps 

C. Services > Maps 

D. Administration > Maps 

E. Configure > Maps 

F. Tools > Maps 

Answer: A 

Q140. Strong security is required, but a centralized RADIUS authenticator has not been implemented. 

Which two steps must you take to provide maximum security when using a pre-shared key? (Choose two.) 

A. Change the TKIP on a weekly basis. 

B. Use a key that includes mixed-case letters, numbers, and symbols with a length greater than 10 characters. 

C. Use only with WPA and WPA2, following proper strong key guidelines. 

D. Use the longest possible WEP key in your security policy. 

Answer: B,C