Q151. A help desk ticket states that a wireless access point has not joined its controller and is flashing rapidly. How can the help desk administer the access point with the default settings? 

A. console 


C. Telnet 




Q152. Refer to the exhibit. 

You made a manual configuration change to a controller and now you need to compare the controller configuration seen on Cisco WCS to the configuration that is present in the controller. 

Which menu can you use to do compare the configurations? 

A. Reports 

B. Monitor 

C. Configure 

D. Services 

E. Administration 

F. Tools 


Q153. When a wireless client is authenticated in a controller-based wireless network, which three pieces of source identification information can be used by the controller for an Access-Request message that is sent to an external RADIUS server? (Choose three.) 

A. wireless client IP address 

B. controller IP address 

C. AP IP address 

D. wireless client MAC address 

E. controller MAC address 

F. AP MAC address 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q154. Refer to the exhibit. 

A wireless network that consists of Cisco Aironet 1260 APs and Cisco 2100 Series WLC has been correctly configured with Cisco WCS version 7, which is also used for management. The CleanAir Zone of Impact is not visible for the respective Cisco WCS maps. 

Which two issues are causing the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. software version 

B. AP 

C. Cisco WLC 

D. Cisco MSE 

E. Cisco WCS 

F. Cisco WCS is not enabled. 

Answer: B,D 

Q155. Microsoft Active Directory integrated machines are not authenticating to the internal WLAN. The WLAN settings are WPA2-AES-802.1x and are authenticating to a Cisco Identity Services Engine server. You investigate and note that non-domain authenticated machines are properly authenticating to the WLAN using their Active Directory credentials. Why would this problem occur? 

A. The WLAN is configured improperly in group policy. 

B. The ACS server is not joined to the domain, causing authentications to fail. 

C. The domain machines are configured to disable the wireless adapter. 

D. The non-domain machines are using local accounts that are not authenticated through the domain. 


Q156. Which governing body analyzes the applications and environments in which wireless networks are used? 





E. WiFi Alliance 


Q157. Which three WLC debug commands are appropriate to troubleshoot a wireless client that is associated to an AP? (Choose three.) 

A. debug capwap 

B. debug mac addr 

C. debug dot11 

D. debug dhcp 

E. debug ap 

F. debug dtls 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q158. You have an Apple IOS iPhone4 that is used on your home Wi-Fi network and a personal laptop that is used on your work's enterprise wireless network. At your office, you are unable to see the enterprise wireless network on your iPhone4. 

What is the most likely cause of this issue? 

A. WPA2 CPU intensive encryption is not supported on the client. 

B. WPA2 must be enabled on the client. 

C. A new profile must be created on the client. 

D. Wi-Fi must be enabled on the client. 

E. The enterprise is 2.4 GHz only. 

F. The enterprise is 5 GHz only. 

G. The RF channel must be adjusted on the client. 


Q159. After you configure the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller v7.6, a customer requests an SSID that allows for client web authentication with email input. Which authentication method should be used? 

A. pass-through 

B. authentication 

C. splash page web redirect 

D. conditional web redirect 

E. on MAC filter failure 


Q160. Which single tool helps to troubleshoot client-related issues in a WLAN? 

A. The show and debug commands on the controller. 

B. The show commands on the AP. 

C. Client templates on the Cisco WCS. 

D. Client troubleshooting on the Cisco WCS.