Exam Code: 200-401 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies
Certification Provider: Cisco
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Q1. DRAG DROP - (Topic 2) 


Q2. - (Topic 3) 

For which three issues should fiber-optic network segments be tested? (Choose three.) 

A. attenuation 

B. near-end crosstalk 

C. length 

D. polarity 

E. jitter 

F. tensile stress 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q3. - (Topic 5) 

With a Cisco IE 2000 switch, what does a power status LED indicate when it is solid green? 

A. Power is present on the associated circuit and the system is operating normally. 

B. Power is present on the associated circuit, but there is no correlation to whether the system is operating normally. 

C. The system is operating normally, but power is not necessarily present on the associated circuit. 

D. Power is not present on the associated circuit and the power supply alarm is configured. 

E. The power status LED does not show solid green. 

Answer: A 

Q4. - (Topic 5) 

What is a characteristic of cables that are used in articulating equipment arms? 

A. fiber-optic zip-cord construction 

B. shielded copper twisted pair 

C. high flex rated cable 

D. type PLTC.cable 

Answer: C 

Q5. - (Topic 2) 

Which prompt is used to configure parameters for the Ethernet ports of an industrial switch? 

A. Switch(config-if)# 

B. Switch(config-if-ind)# 

C. Switch(config-line)# 

D. Switch(config-ind)# 

E. Switch(config-vlan)# 

Answer: A 


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Q6. - (Topic 1) 


Which two statements are correct for a safe wiring installation to the terminal block of the switch or endpoint? (Choose two.) 

A. Insert a green ground wire into the terminal block that is marked RT for return. 

B. Verify that DC power is live and within 24 VDC voltage range before starting wiring. 

C. Verify that the DC power circuit includes an overcurrent protective device that limits the DC current to 5 A. 

D. Because this is a low-voltage DC circuit, anyone can install this wiring without electrical training or qualifications. 

E. Connect the positive 24 VDC conductor to the V terminal and connect the negative 24 VDC return wire to the RT terminal. 

F. A ground wire can optionally be connected to the screw terminal on the front of the switch. 

Answer: C,E 

Q7. - (Topic 4) 

What are two symptoms of duplex mismatch? (Choose two.) 

A. Ping does not return from one direction versus the other direction. 

B. Communication is slow and locks up. 

C. Speed is seen equally slow in both directions. 

D. The half-duplex side sees frame sequence errors or runt frames. 

E. The full-duplex side sees CRC errors. 

Answer: B,D 

Q8. - (Topic 5) 

Which two commands can help you to determine what image is running on your industrial switch? (Choose two.) 

A. show version 

B. show spanning-tree 

C. show interface-switch 

D. show interfaces gigabitEthernet x/y switchport 

E. show license 

Answer: A,E 

Q9. - (Topic 1) 


Refer to the exhibit. Host 3 on Network A is sending data to Host 8 on Network B. Which address is the default gateway of Host 3? 

A. the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/0 

B. the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/1 

C. the address of the host that is connected to Network A 

D. the address of the host that is connected to Network B 

E. the address of the router interface Fa0/0 

F. the address of the router interface Fa0/1 

Answer: E 

Q10. - (Topic 2) 

What are the two most relevant factors in determining the class of administration that is required to maintain the telecommunications infrastructure? (Choose two.) 

A. the size of the infrastructure 

B. the complexity of the infrastructure 

C. the age of the infrastructure 

D. the industry that the infrastructure supports 

E. the physical environment of the infrastructure 

Answer: A,B