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2021 Jun 200-601 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. If.the Link Fault alarm is connected to the minor relay and the FCS Bit Error Rate alarm is connected to the major relay, which commands will create an alarm profile called GigE with the alarms correctly mapped to the minor and major relays? 

A. Switch(config)#alarm profile GigE Switch(config-alarm-prof)#alarm 1 4 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay major 4 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay minor 1 

B. Switch(config)#alarm profile GigE Switch(config-alarm-prof)#alarm 1 3 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay major 3 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay minor 1 

C. Switch(config)#alarm profile GigE Switch(config-alarm-prof)#alarm 1 3 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay major 1 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay minor 3 

D. Switch(config)#alarm profile GigE Switch(config-alarm-prof)#alarm 1 4 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay major 1 Switch(config-alarm-prof)#relay minor 4 

Answer: A 

Q12. Which two actions are examples of network device hardening for Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches? (Choose two) 

A. Disable unused services 

B. Shutdown network ports which are not in use 

C. Only allow administrative access using Telnet 

D. Deploy IP67 versions of Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches 

E. Set the native VLAN on all trunk ports to VLAN 1 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. After commissioning several Stratix 5700 switches in a ring topology, you want to verify the installation against the network logical design. Specifically, you want to verify where the 

IGMP querier resides. What command can be issued in CLI to display the IP of the querier per VLAN? 

A. switch# show ip igmp snooping querier 

B. switch# show igmp snooping querier 

C. switch# show igmp querier 

D. switch# show ip igmp querier 

Answer: A

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Q14. Refer to the exhibit. 

The control system depicted in the exhibit uses VLAN 300 for all of its device ports and PVST is enabled on each switch to switch connection. L2SW4 was inserted between L2SW3 and L2SW5. Links FO2 and FO3 were added and FO1 was disconnected. 

Prior to the installation of L2SW4, PanelView was able to communicate with PLC#1. After the change, PLC#1 and PanelView are still able to communicate but neither PLC#1 or PanelView are able to communicate with I/O #1. 

L2SW4# show run.interfaces FastEthernet 1/1 

description I/O#1 

switchport access vlan 300 

switchport mode access 

spanning-tree portfast 

spanning-tree bpduguard enable 

L2SW4# show interfaces trunk 

Port.Mode.Encapsulation.Status.Native vlan Gi1/1.on.

802.1q.trunking.1 Gi1/2.on.802.1q.trunking.1 Port.Vlans allowed on trunk Gi1/1.1,3-9, 301-305,400 Gi1/2 1,3-9, 301-305,400 Port.Vlans allowed and active in management domain Gi1/1.1,3-9, 301-305,400 Gi1/2.1,3-9, 301-305,400 Port.Vlans in spanning tree forwarding state and not pruned Gi1/1.1,3-9, 301-305,400 Gi1/2.

Based on the output from the switch, what is preventing I/O#1 from communicating with PLC#1 and PanelView? 

A. Interface FastEthernet 1/1 on LWSW4 should be configured as a trunk port 

B. The trunks connecting L2SW4 to L2SW3 and L2SW5 have the wrong encapsulation type 

C. The trunks connecting L2SW4 to L2SW3 and L2SW5 don't allow VLAN 300 traffic 

D. BPDU guard has error-disabled interface FastEthernet 1/1 on LWSW4 

Answer: C 

Q15. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which three options are needed to configure NAT on router GW so PC1 and PC2 will be able to ping (Choose three) 

A. interface Ethernet0 ip nat inside interface Ethernet1 ip nat outside 

B. ip access-list standard ACL_NAT permit 

C. ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface Ethernet1 80 

D. interface Ethernet0 ip nat outside interface Ethernet1 ip nat inside 

E. ip nat inside source list ACL_NAT interface Ethernet1 overload 

F. ip access-list extended ACL_NAT permit tcp any eq 80 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q16. What can be done to increase the security in depth in an industrial zone? 

A. Add additional disk storage to the IDS server 

B. Add specific SCADA signatures to the IDS server 

C. Create a high availability solution for the IDS server 

D. Place a 'data diode' in front of the IDS server 

Answer: B

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Q17. Which in-depth approach is used when deploying defense in an industrial zone? 

A. Besides using a dedicated firewall / DMZ construction use an IOS based firewall on the WAN router connecting the industrial site to the Internet. 

B. Use NTP to make sure that time stamps of log messages are synchronized such that you can do root cause analysis. 

C. Deploy an IDS solution with knowledge about industrial protocols in the industrial zone in combination with a firewall. 

D. Use multiple firewalls from different vendors in such a way that network traffic will have to traverse both firewalls so that security holes of one firewall is caught by the other firewall. 

Answer: C 

Q18. Which command globally enables QoS on a Cisco Industrial Ethernet switch? 

A. switch(config)#qos enable 

B. switch(config)#mls queuing enable 

C. switch#enable queuing 

D. switch(config)#mls qos 

Answer: D 

Q19. Refer to the exhibit. 

L3SW1 has a spanning-tree priority of 8192 set on VLANs 1, 300, and 301, and these VLANs are configured on and trunked between all switches. Executing the command show spanning-tree blockedports on L2SW5 results in: 

L2SW5# show spanning-tree blockedports 

Name.Blocked Interfaces List VLAN0001.Gi1/1 



An additional VLAN, VLAN302, is defined on all switches and trunked between them. VLAN302 access ports are set up on each of the switches and PLC#1, I/O#1, and the PanelView are attached. You expect the new VLAN to be listed as blocked on interface GigabitEthernet1/1 of L2SW5 but it is not. The three new devices are able to communicate with each other. 

After executing the same command on all switches you see this output on L2SW4: 

L2SW4# show spanning-tree blockedports 

Name.Blocked Interfaces List 




Why is VLAN302 forwarding on L2SW5 interface GigabitEthernet 1/1 and L2SW4 interface GigabitEthernet 1/1 and 1/2? 

A. VLAN302 is not configured in the VLAN database on L2SW5 

B. VLAN302 is not in the allowed list on the L2SW5 interface GigabitEthernet1/1 trunk 

C. L2SW4 is the spanning tree root for VLAN 302 

D. The FO3 fiber-optic cable between L2SW4 and damaged 

Answer: C 

Q20. You are making changes to a Stratix 5700 using an Add On Profile (AOP) and a controller which is on-line with RSLogix5000. When do the changes you have made get published to the switch? 

A. While online in RSLogix 5000 software the changes made in the AOP are pushed to the switch after pressing the Set button. 

B. All of the changes are automatically pushed to the switch. 

C. Changes to the AOP can only be made from the switch, not in RSLogix 5000. 

D. RSLogix 5000 will push the changes in the AOP to the Stratix 5700 when you right click on the switch, and choose download to switch 

Answer: A