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Q41. Which three choices are functions or features of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.) 

A. video-enabled messaging through converged networks 

B. text-to-speech, which allows access to Exchange emails from a telephone 

C. voice-enabled message navigation 

D. voice-enabled dialing to external users 

E. automated attendant capabilities 

F. automated call rerouting to agents through round robin, longest idle, or broadcast 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q42. Which menu does a voice engineer use to create a phone user account in the Cisco Unified CME GUI? 

A. Configure 

B. Voicemail 

C. Administration 

D. Reports 


Q43. A company has invested in an on-premises VoIP solution. For design simplicity purposes, network engineers have opted to use a single VLAN for both data and voice traffic. Shortly after implementing IP phones, customers are reporting problems. 

Which two potential problems may be reported about the calls as a result of this design decision? (Choose two.) 

A. jitter detected in voice calls 

B. problems with email latency 

C. slow internet download speeds 

D. choppy voice calls 

E. PCs are getting IP addresses but phones are not 

Answer: A,D 

77. A user is assigned more than one directory number. Which option allows one voicemail box to serve both directory numbers? 

A. Alternate Extension 

B. Notification Devices 

C. Alternate Names 

D. Message Settings 

E. Caller Input 

F. Mailbox 


Q44. Which option can an administrator use to add users to Cisco Unity Connection in different time zones? 

A. User Templates 

B. Call Handler Template 

C. Contact Template 

D. Directory Handler 

E. Interview Handler 


Q45. In an effort to proactively manage IP telephony infrastructure, a network engineer wants to review usage reports that provide top five users, top five calls, and traffic summary. Which option describes where this information can be retrieved using Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Navigate to Cisco Unified CM Administration > CDR Analysis and Reporting >System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. 

B. Navigate to Cisco Unified Operating System Administration > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. 

C. Navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. 

D. Navigate to Cisco Unified Reporting > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. 


Q46. What is the maximum number of digits that an ephone PIN can have to allow after-hour exempt calling privileges? 

A. 4 

B. 6 

C. 7 

D. 8 

E. 9 


Q47. Which navigation pane should be selected to view the CDR statistics? 

A. Cisco Unified Serviceability 

B. Cisco Unified CM Administration 

C. Cisco Unified Reporting 

D. Cisco Unified OS Administration 


Q48. Which two layers are Cisco Unified Communications component layers? (Choose two.) 

A. Infrastructure layer 

B. Data link layer 

C. Network layer 

D. Endpoints layer 

E. Transport layer 

Answer: A,D 

Q49. A field technician must reset a single 7965 IP phone so that it will be discovered on the network again and request an IP address from DCHP. Which steps should the network engineer provide? 

A. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * * * 

B. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * # # 

C. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # * * 

D. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # # # 


Q50. A new user has successfully registered Cisco Jabber. Which option verifies that the Jabber client is connected to all appropriate back-end systems? 

A. Show Connection Status 

B. Report A Problem 

C. Advanced Settings 

D. About Jabber 

E. Reset Jabber