The 210-065 Cisco assessment is a assessment in a group of exams expected to accomplish Cisco. Job hopefuls exactly who pass the specified proctored exams get some sort of Cisco certificate by Cisco and might utilize the Cisco name with their business card printing. Cisco varieties the actual professional level on the Cisco Job Certification system. A good Cisco are some things will show that you will have at least enough basic teaching every single child carry on the Cisco recognition exams.

2021 Sep 210-065 exam:

Q31. Which Cisco Video Surveillance device is responsible for providing video streams to monitors after the respective layouts and views are received by the monitors? 

A. Cisco IP Video Surveillance Operations Manager 

B. Cisco IP Video Surveillance Virtual Matrix Viewer 

C. Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 

D. Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server 

Answer: D 

Q32. A technician is trying to pair a Touch 8 with a Cisco TelePresence SX20 endpoint, but the codec is not automatically listed in the touch panel. What are two possible reasons for this behavior? (Choose two.) 

A. The codec firmware version is below version TC 6.1. 

B. The codec and the Touch 8 are on separate subnets. 

C. Pairing visibility mode is not active on the codec. 

D. The codec is not compatible with a Touch 8 device. 

E. The Touch 8 is connected via the second Ethernet port on the codec. 

Answer: B,C 

Q33. Which two of these are considered to be provisioning and scheduling management tools in a Cisco TelePresence environment? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco TelePresence Manager 

B. Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager 

C. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 

D. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit 

E. Cisco Video Surveillance Management Server 

Answer: A,C 

Q34. Which two of these are required in order to complete the password recovery of a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint? (Choose two.) 

A. must have FTP enabled on the endpoint 

B. must have SSH enabled on the endpoint 

C. must have the security question answer for the endpoint 

D. must be in the same room as the main display 

E. must have SFTP enabled on the endpoint 

F. must call Cisco TAC for the security code 

Answer: B,D 

Q35. Which two methods can be used to set the default call protocol of a Cisco TelePresence endpoint running TelePresence codec firmware? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the GUI and set System > H.323 > Settings > Default Call Protocol > H.323. 

B. Use the CLI command xConfiguration Conference 1 DefaultCall Protocol: H323. 

C. Use the CLI command Conference Default Protocol: H323. 

D. Use the CLI command Default Protocol: H323. 

E. Use the GUI and set Configuration > System Configuration > Conference > DefaultCall > 


Answer: B,E 

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Abreast of the times isys 210 tamu exam 310-065:

Q36. A Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series endpoint is in the process of booting and the engineer notices a red "X" on the screen for Step 6 in the boot process. What does this red "X" indicate? 

A. The endpoint failed to load its firmware. 

B. There is an error with compact flash. 

C. The endpoint could not obtain an IP address via DHCP. 

D. The touch panel is malfunctioning. 

Answer: B 

Q37. An engineer is configuring VIP mode for a Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch. What are three characteristics the engineer must keep in mind? (Choose three.) 

A. VIP mode can be configured only when the meeting is not active. 

B. The VIP is displayed on the center screen for three screen systems. 

C. Network multipoint meetings are supported. 

D. VIP mode timers must be configured from the CLI. 

E. Locking is not supported. 

F. Only one VIP can be configured for each meeting. 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q38. You have been informed from the field that a new Cisco TelePresence video endpoint has been deployed with an IPv4 address of You need to check for connectivity from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. Which command should be entered to check for network connectivity? 

A. utils network traceroute newsystem.domain254.local 

B. utils network ping 

C. ping 

D. traceroute 

E. utils network host cucm.osl147.local 

Answer: B 

Q39. Refer to the exhibit. 

A network engineer configures a Cisco Unified Communications Manager and VCS integration via a SIP trunk. Endpoint A is able to conduct video calls to Endpoint B. When Endpoint A attempts to share presentation content with Endpoint B, Endpoint B sees the presentation video on the main screen rather than on the presentation display. What is the cause? 

A. The default MTP telephony payload is incorrect. 

B. The SIP trunk is not running on all active Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes. 

C. MTP is not forced to be required. 

D. BFCP is not enabled. 

E. The MTP preferred codec is incorrect for content presentation. 

Answer: D 

Q40. A Cisco TelePresence EX Series desktop endpoint failed to register to a Cisco VCS. The SIP status shows "Failed: 403 Forbidden" in the endpoint's web interface. What is the first thing that should be checked in the endpoint configuration settings? 

A. Verify that the correct SIP authentication credentials have been configured. 

B. Ensure that CallSetup Mode is set to Gatekeeper. 

C. Verify that Outbound Connection Credentials are properly configured. 

D. Check to see that SIP Mode is set to On. 

Answer: A