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2021 Oct ipexpert ccna collaboration 210-065:

Q11. Which Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit Layout view mode gives prominence to one conference participant over the other conference participants while still allowing conference participants to view multiple participants at the same time? 

A. enhanced continuous presence 

B. active speaker 

C. continuous presence 

D. room switching 

E. speaker switching 

Answer: A 

Q12. Which three products are compatible with Digital Media Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. Media Delivery Engine 

B. Interactive Experience Client 

C. Show and Share 

D. Cast 

E. Digital Signs 

F. Stadium Vision Director 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q13. Refer to the exhibit. 

The customer recently connected a new TV monitor to the Cisco TelePresence endpoint. This device is now showing a warning concerning the echo cancellation delay. Which action could help mitigate this issue? 

A. Turn off any postprocessing settings. 

B. Turn off 3D mode on the new TV. 

C. Turn on Frequency Scan Acceleration for the new TV. 

D. Turn off surround sound on the new TV. 

Answer: A 

Q14. You have installed a C-Series endpoint in an office where DHCP is not supported. At a minimum, which four network items must be configured for the endpoint to be able to register with H.323 on a Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server located at the external headquarters location? (Choose four.) 

A. unique IPv4 address 

B. subnet mask 

C. default gateway 

D. Cisco VCS IPv4 address 

E. Active Directory IPv4 address 

F. SMTP server IPv4 address 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q15. Which of these needs to be enabled in Cisco Unified Communications Manager in order for the Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 to be able to share a presentation with a Cisco TelePresence System Codec C40 endpoint that is registered to a VCS? 

A. Allow iX application media 

B. Send send-receive SDP in mid-call invite 

C. Allow presentation sharing using BFCP 

D. Allow presentation sharing using H.235 

E. Deliver conference bridge identifier 

Answer: C 

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Up to date bio 210 exam 310-065:

Q16. When placing a call from Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence to the Cisco TelePresence System Codec C40, which FECCs are available? 

A. Only zoom-in and zoom-out are available. 

B. Only left and right are available. 

C. Only up and down are available. 

D. No FECC is available. 

E. Left, right, up, down, zoom-in, and zoom-out are all available. 

Answer: E 

Q17. Which three of these are functions of the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose three.) 

A. automatic software update and release keys 

B. intelligent call routing engine 

C. provisioning a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint 

D. tracing SIP and H.323 calls 

E. managing phonebooks for endpoints that are registered to the Cisco Unified Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

F. rebooting endpoints that are registered to the Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q18. Which CLI command can be used to reset the Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 personal video system to a factory condition? 

A. utils factory reset 2 

B. utils system factory init 

C. xcommand defaultvalues set level: 2 

D. xconfiguration default factory 

E. utils reset factory 

F. xcommand SystemUnit FactoryReset 

Answer: B 

Q19. Which three items should be considered when restoring a backup to a Cisco VCS Expressway? (Choose three.) 

A. A restart is required to complete the system restore process. 

B. If the backup file is encrypted, an encryption password will be needed. 

C. A valid backup configuration file must be accessible. 

D. A function SFTP server is needed for remote restore. 

E. The VCS expressway must be put into maintenance mode during the upgrade. 

F. A flash drive that is connected to the appliance can be used to restore the configuration. 

G. Cisco TMSXE can be used to process and restore backups. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q20. Which two issues does utilizing an IP network storage solution for IP video surveillance help overcome? (Choose two.) 

A. analog to IP conversion 

B. large, expandable storage space 

C. physical security 

D. scalability 

E. faster bit rate for storage 

Answer: B,D