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Q1. Which two services define cloud networks? (Choose two.) 

A. Infrastructure as a Service 

B. Platform as a Service 

C. Security as a Service 

D. Compute as a Service 

E. Tenancy as a Service 

Answer: A,B 

Q2. Scenario 

In this simulation, you have access to ASDM only. Review the various ASA configurations using ASDM then answer the five multiple choice questions about the ASA SSLVPN configurations. 

To access ASDM, click the ASA icon in the topology diagram. 

Note: Not all ASDM functionalities are enabled in this simulation. 

To see all the menu options available on the left navigation pane, you may also need to un-expand the expanded menu first. 

Which user authentication method is used when users login to the Clientless SSLVPN portal using 

A. AAA with LOCAL database 

B. AAA with RADIUS server 

C. Certificate 

D. Both Certificate and AAA with LOCAL database 

E. Both Certificate and AAA with RADIUS server 

Cisco 210-260 : Practice Test 



This can be seen from the Connection Profiles Tab of the Remote Access VPN configuration, where the alias of test is being used, 

Macintosh HD:Users:danielkeller:Desktop:Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.16.10 AM.png 

Q3. What type of attack was the Stuxnet virus? 

A. cyber warfare 

B. hacktivism 

C. botnet 

D. social engineering 


Q4. Which two next-generation encryption algorithms does Cisco recommend? (Choose two.) 


B. 3DES 


D. MD5 

E. DH-1024 

F. SHA-384 

Answer: A,F 

Q5. What type of security support is provided by the Open Web Application Security Project? 

A. Education about common Web site vulnerabilities. 

B. A Web site security framework. 

C. A security discussion forum for Web site developers. 

D. Scoring of common vulnerabilities and exposures. 


Q6. Which statement about personal firewalls is true? 

A. They can protect a system by denying probing requests. 

B. They are resilient against kernel attacks. 

C. They can protect email messages and private documents in a similar way to a VPN. 

D. They can protect the network against attacks. 


Q7. Refer to the exhibit. 

While troubleshooting site-to-site VPN, you issued the show crypto isakmp sa command. What does the given output show? 

A. IPSec Phase 1 is established between and 

B. IPSec Phase 2 is established between and 

C. IPSec Phase 1 is down due to a QM_IDLE state. 

D. IPSec Phase 2 is down due to a QM_IDLE state. 


Q8. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many times was a read-only string used to attempt a write operation? 

A. 9 

B. 6 

C. 4 

D. 3 

E. 2 


Q9. What VPN feature allows traffic to exit the security appliance through the same interface it entered? 

A. hairpinning 


C. NAT traversal 

D. split tunneling 


Q10. What is one requirement for locking a wired or wireless device from ISE? Cisco 210-260 : Practice Test 

A. The ISE agent must be installed on the device. 

B. The device must be connected to the network when the lock command is executed. 

C. The user must approve the locking action. 

D. The organization must implement an acceptable use policy allowing device locking.