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2021 Nov 210-455 training

Q1. Which four are uses of Ceilometer in OpenStack? (Choose four.) 

A. Billing 

B. Automation 

C. Monitoring purposes 

D. Accounting 

E. Service request management 

F. Chargeback 

G. Orchestration 

H. Order management 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q2. An engineer is trying to troubleshoot a Cisco Prime Service Catalog issue and has begun to look through the application logs. Which four entries are valid within these application logs? (Choose four.) 

A. Critical 

B. Error 

C. Alert 

D. Warning 

E. Info 

F. Debug 

G. Emergency 

H. Notice 

Answer: B,D,E,F 

Q3. An administrator is trying to configure case-sensitive user login for the Cisco UCS Director Self-

Service Portal. How can this task be accomplished? 

A. The username is case-sensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role. 

B. The domain name is case-insensitive with LDAP integration and cannot be changed. 

C. The username is case-insensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role. 

D. The domain name is case-sensitive by default and cannot be changed. 



An engineer is integrating Cisco Prime Service Catalog with Cisco UCS Director and is looking at the roles that have been created based on those discovered in Cisco UCS Director. Drag and drop the Cisco UCS Director roles on the left to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog system-defined roles they are mapped to on the right. 




Q5. A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization is asked to change the DNS settings of the Cisco UCS Director appliance to reflect newly created DNS servers for the infrastructure. In which two ways can the cloud administrator accomplish the task without affecting users? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the network interface in shell admin. 

B. Reboot the appliance and log into the console to change network interface. 

C. Run the Initial System Configuration Wizard. 

D. Log into the portal and configure a DNS policy. 

E. Add a new NIC to the appliance and assign the appropriate setting. 

Answer: A,C 

Improved 210-455 exams:

Q6. Which option describes overall Ethernet bandwidth utilization in Cisco UCS Performance Manager? 

A. indication of the total bandwidth utilization 

B. indication of connected Ethernet ports bandwidth utilization 

C. indication of the total connected ports bandwidth utilization 

D. indication of summary of the aggregate throughput shown per chassis 


Q7. The cloud administrator for a cloud service provider has been asked to provide data so that customers can be sent invoices for services provided. Which.default report in Cisco UCS Director provides the necessary data? 

A. Billing Report for a Customer 

B. VMware Cloud Utilization Summary 

C. Virtual Infrastructure and Asset Report 

D. Organizational Usage of Virtual Computing Infrastructure 


Q8. Which option determines how and when a notification is sent in an SNMP trap? 

A. rule 

B. trigger 

C. notification 

D. subscriber 


Q9. Which three databases must be backed up in Cisco Prime Service Catalog? (Choose three.) 

A. transactional 

B. analytical 

C. content store 

D. cluster 

E. front-end 

F. user 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q10. An engineer is configuring a template in CloudSense Report Builder. Which three reports are available? (Choose three.) 

A. Virtual Data Center 

B. Global Account 

C. Cloud 

D. Physical Account 

E. Global User 

F. Virtual Account 

Answer: A,B,D 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucsdirector/administration-guide/5-

3/b_Cisco_UCSD_Admin_Guide_53/managing_cloudsense_analytics.html#task_19C3CD2 5C620