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2021 Apr 220-802 Study Guide Questions:

Q161. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following security measures is usually found in a laptop? 

A. Biometrics 

B. Bollard 

C. Hypervisor 

D. Key fobs 

Answer: A 


Q162. - (Topic 5) 

The support center for a PC manufacturer believes that the hard drive may be having an issue. The support representative asks the technician to find out how many pages per second and what the queue length is for the hard drive. In which of the following utilities should the technician look FIRST for this information? 

A. Performance Monitor 

B. Component Services 

C. Device Manager 

D. Drive Management 

Answer: A 

Q163. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following scenarios BEST defines phishing? 

A. A user receives an email from a friend to download a picture but the file format ends in .exe. 

B. A user receives a pop-up message about a virus from a company that states that if they buy this product it will remove the virus. 

C. A user receives a message about unwanted activity from their antivirus asking to remove the suspect file. 

D. A user receives an email from a person in another country with a story as to why they need help with a financial arrangement. 

Answer: D 


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Q164. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following encryption standards is found on older wireless devices and provides minimal security? 


B. WPA2 



Answer: C 


Q165. - (Topic 5) 

A user reports their network connection has limited or no connectivity. Which of the following should a technician check FIRST? 

A. The proper NIC drivers are installed 

B. The APIPA address has the proper gateway 

C. The Proxy settings in Internet Options 

D. The Ethernet cable is connected properly 

Answer: D 

Q166. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following should a technician do LAST after cleaning up a virus infection? 

A. Enable system restore and create restore point 

B. Update antivirus software 

C. Schedule scans and updates 

D. Educate the end user 

Answer: D 


Most of the time users install virus, Trojans and other malicious codes on their computers unknowingly. The best to prevent this loophole is to educate the user about viruses and where to look and what to do to prevent installing malicious codes. 

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Q167. - (Topic 4) 

A technician installed a second hard drive in a computer. Upon restart, a message appears stating. “primary drive 0 not found. Press F1 to continue." Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? 

A. That NTLDR and boot.ini are not missing 

B. Proper drive installation (e.g. cables/jumpers) 

C. If computer can boot into safe mode 

D. If the BIOS boot settings are correct 

Answer: B 


Q168. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following security threats involve shoulder surfing and phone phishing? 

A. Man-in-the-Middle 

B. Social engineering 

C. Trojan virus 

D. Spyware 

Answer: B 


Q169. - (Topic 2) 

A pest exterminator tries to gain access to a company’s computer lab, but the receptionist does not see an extermination scheduled on the calendar and denies the exterminator access to the lab. Which of the following security threats almost occurred? 

A. War driving 

B. Social engineering 

C. Shoulder surfing 

D. Phishing 

Answer: B 



Q170. - (Topic 2) 

IT suspects that other people are frequently making changes to a computer when a user leaves their desk. Which of the following security policies can be implemented in order to prevent this situation? 

A. Auto-lock 

B. Password complexity 

C. Change the default username 

D. Disable the guest account 

Answer: A