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2021 May 220-802 Study Guide Questions:

Q241. - (Topic 4) 

A user reports paper jams at the location of the paper trays. Which of the following components would need to be replaced to resolve this issue? 

A. Fuser 

B. Duplexer 

C. Pickup roller 

D. Imaging drum 

Answer: C 

Explanation: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/BSC/public/as/as_ot/en/faq/faq/000000/002500/0000 41/faq002541_000.html?reg=as&c=as_ot&lang=en&prod=hl5340d_all 

Q242. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following allows a user to reset their password with a series of security questions that only the user should know? 

A. Permission propagation 

B. Administration 

C. Verification 

D. Authentication 

Answer: D 

Q243. - (Topic 5) 

By definition, a rootkit does which of the following? 

A. Appears to be useful software until it is installed and fully activated 

B. Hides the existence of certain processes and programs to provide elevated privileges 

C. Replicates by being copied or causing itself to be copied to another program 

D. Travels from computer to computer using the native transport protocols available 

Answer: B 

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Q244. - (Topic 4) 

A technician is trying to diagnose a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption and random loss of video during operation. Which of the following are MOST likely causes of this problem? (Select TWO). 

A. Integrated system video chip is failing and/or near death. 

B. Video drivers were not installed directly from Microsoft update. 

C. Incompatible or untested video drivers have been installed. 

D. The BIOS is not set for the proper operation temperature of the video chipset. 

E. The BIOS is underclocking the video card’s operating speed. 

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compression_artifact 

Q245. - (Topic 5) 

Despite objections, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) wanted all managers to have administrator rights to their workstations. After a few months, the CEO was replaced. A technician is assigned the task of changing the managers to power users on the domain. Which of the following is the BEST choice to complete this task? 

A. rstrui.exe 

B. gpedit.msc 

C. lusrmgr.msc 

D. usergroup.exe 

Answer: B 

Q246. - (Topic 5) 

A client requests a small SOHO wireless network setup. The client has only three devices that will require access to the Internet. The client is also concerned that a neighboring business will attempt to access the Internet without permission. Which of the following should the technician ensure when setting up the SOHO network? (Select TWO). 

A. Enable client isolation 

B. Lower radio power levels 

C. Physically secure the access point 

D. Disable unused ports 

E. Enable MAC filtering 

F. Enable short preambles 

Answer: B,E 

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Q247. - (Topic 2) 

A user is reporting that they are clicking on search results and being redirected to the wrong sites. Which of the following should a technician check FIRST? 

A. Temporary Internet Files 

B. Proxy Settings 

C. Cookies 

D. Windows Firewall 

Answer: B 

Explanation: http://answers.oreilly.com/topic/675-how-to-configure-proxy-settings-in-windows-7/ 

Q248. - (Topic 4) 

A user reports a loud clicking noise coming from their PC, but the PC operates normally. 

Which of the following actions should the technician perform FIRST when responding to this issue? 

A. Attempt to backup data from the hard drive 

B. Shutdown the PC and replace the hard drive 

C. Format the hard drive and reload the OS 

D. Run the disk cleanup utility 

Answer: A 

Explanation: http://burgessforensics.com/article_what_to_do.php 

Q249. - (Topic 5) 

By default, a file or folder will receive its NTFS permissions from the parent folder. Which of the following does this describe? 

A. Permission propagation 

B. Single sign-on 

C. Client-side virtualization 

D. Proxy settings 

E. Recovery image 

F. Inheritance 

Answer: F 

Q250. - (Topic 1) 

A technician notices multiple disk errors in the Event Viewer. Which of the following tools would BEST diagnose this issue? 





Answer: A 

Explanation: http://www.computerhope.com/chkdskh.htm