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2021 May 220-802 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. - (Topic 4) 

A technician is called in to troubleshoot a four disk RAID 10 array on a high end Windows 7 Enterprise workstation. One drive has failed. Which of the following should the technician do to fix the problem? 

A. Reseat the drive and verify the RAID array is healthy 

B. Replace the failed drive and verify the RAID is healthy. 

C. Replace the failed drive and restore the data. 

D. Add a fifth drive and make it a spare. 

Answer: B 


Q32. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following is the BEST tool to verify the cable is plugged into the correct port on the patch panel? 

A. Cable certifier 

B. Punch down 

C. Toner probe 

D. Cable tester 

Answer: C 


Q33. - (Topic 1) 

A technician needs to use a command line tool to determine the network name and the IP address of a resource. Which of the following command line tools will provide an IP address when given a name? 

A. verify 

B. Tracert 

C. Ipconfig 

D. Nslookup 

Answer: D 


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Q34. - (Topic 5) 

A technician discovers that a hard drive has died in a RAID 0 configuration. Which of the following would be the outcome of this situation? 

A. The user will need to replace the PC. 

B. The technician will need to back up and replace the drive. 

C. The user will lose all non-backed up data. 

D. The technician will need to replace the drive and rebuild the array 

Answer: C 

Q35. - (Topic 5) 

The swap file is described as which of the following? 

A. The hidden file created when in hibernation mode. 

B. A system file containing the computer’s virtual memory. 

C. A file created when downloading a program from the web. 

D. A hidden file created when moving files on a computer. 

Answer: B 

Q36. - (Topic 4) 

A contractor needs to destroy several drives containing confidential information so that they can never be used again. Which of the following destruction methods would BEST accomplish this task? 

A. Overwrite the hard drives. 

B. Drill into the hard drives. 

C. Degauss the hard drives. 

D. Sanitize the hard drives. 

Answer: B 


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Q37. - (Topic 4) 

A computer is showing the “No boot device found” message even though a technician has verified that the hard drive is set as Device 1 in the BIOS boot order. Which of the following causes is MOST likely at play? 

A. A 40-pin cable was used instead of an 80-pin cable to connect the HDD. 

B. The hard drive is disconnected. 

C. The hard drive has corrupted sectors and needs a CHKDSK scan. 

D. Both PATA devices are incorrectly set to the master jumper setting. 

Answer: D 


Q38. - (Topic 5) 

A technician plugs a USB device into the computer. The system tray displays a message that reports the device is installed, but may not work properly. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the message? 

A. The device needs a firmware update. 

B. The device needs an updated driver installed. 

C. The plugged in device is too slow for the USB port speed. 

D. The device is incompatible with the installed version of Windows. 

Answer: B 

Q39. - (Topic 4) 

A user reports that their wireless connectivity is being spotty. The issue seems to interrupt their wireless signal connection when the laptop screen is tilted forward or backward during operation. When this happens, the entire wireless signal drops out until the screen is left in position for a good minute or so. Which of the following MOST likely explains what is happening? 

A. The hinges on the laptop screen are not strong enough to support the wireless signal cables. 

B. The wireless card is losing contact to its socket when the screen is opening/closing. 

C. The laptop is designed to work optimally with wireless when the screen is at a perfect 90 degree angle. 

D. The wireless signal cables are being crimped when the screen is opening/closing. 

Answer: D 


Q40. - (Topic 4) 

A technician is repairing a workstation that exhibits random reboots at odd times of the day. Which of the following should be performed FIRST when troubleshooting the issue? (Select TWO). 

A. Check the PSU integrity 

B. Check the CMOS battery 

C. Check the video card integrity 

D. Check the memory integrity 

E. Check the optical drive integrity 

Answer: A,D