Q91. A technician is required to connect a new cable to an open port on the patch panel. Which of the following would the technician MOST likely use in this situation?

A. Loopback tool

B. Multimeter

C. Punchdown tool

D. Toner probe

Answer: C

Q92. A user notices the printer that is used for printing global shipper’s labels is missing columns in the printed labels. The special label stock is new and appears to be fine. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST when troubleshooting this problem?

A. Remove any stuck labels from the paper path

B. Clean the pickup rollers and check them for wear

C. Clean the print head with approved materials

D. Replace and realign the print head

Answer: C

Q93. When a technician is planning to replace a laptop hard drive, the technician will need to:

A. select a drive that is the correct form factor.

B. choose the correct drive cache size for the laptop.

C. also upgrade the memory.

D. verify voltage requirements.

Answer: A

Q94. Which of the following types of media connectors carries digital video as well as audio?





Answer: C

Q95. Which of the following connectors are commonly used for fiber optic cables?

A. RJ-11 and RJ-45

B. ST and LC

C. F-connectors


Answer: B

Q96. A technician is building a gaming PC for a user. The user wants to dual boot between Windows XP 32-bit and a 64-bit version of Windows 7 as some of the games require XP. The user requests the following specifications:

64-bit i7 processor, (consisting of 6 cores @ 3.0GHz) 16 GB of RAM (consisting of two 8 GB modules) One 200 GB SSD

RAID 1 (consisting of two 1TB SATA Drives) Two 2 GB SLI Video Cards

Which of the following components should the technician warn the user will be reported differently depending on the operating system that is currently booted?



C. Processor

D. SSD Drive

E. Video Card

Answer: B

Q97. Which of the following would need to be enabled on a mobile phone to share its Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously?


B. Bluetooth

C. Hotspot

D. Tethering

Answer: C

Q98. A user has received an error message when connecting to the wireless network. The error indicates the IP address being used by the user’s system is already in use. A DHCP server is used on the network. After having the user disconnect from the wireless network, the technician is still able to ping the user’s IP address. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. The user has a statically assigned IP address in the DHCP server scope.

B. The system’s local firewall is blocking SYN/ACK traffic from the DHCP server.

C. The DHCP server’s scope has been exhausted and no additional IP addresses are available.

D. The user is also connected to the wired network with a LAN cable.

Answer: A

Q99. Which of the following is an advantage of using DHCP for network addressing?

A. Simplified configuration

B. More addresses are available

C. Faster connection speeds

D. Lower latency times

Answer: A

Q100. When installing multiple SCSI drives in a system, which of the following is correct?

A. All drives must have the same SCSI ID.

B. Drives will be automatically assigned an ID by the controller.

C. Drives in the same RAID array must have the same SCSI ID.

D. Each drive must have a different SCSI ID.

Answer: D