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Q11. A technician is giving a safety class to new employees. Which of the following contains potentially dangerous voltages and should be handled with care, even if the power has

been recently disconnected?

A. Laser printer

B. Wireless router

C. Paper shredder

D. CRT monitor

Answer: D

Q12. A user wishes to dispose of a CRT monitor that is no longer working. Which of the following steps should a technician complete before proceeding with the disposal?

A. Break the glass in the CRT in a controlled environment to prevent injury

B. Discharge all capacitors in the CRT and remove them before disposal

C. Ensure familiarity and compliance with all relevant local regulations

D. Ensure that the monitor is no longer working and repair if possible

Answer: C

Q13. A PC has been randomly rebooting several times a day. The technician checks the case for overheating and finds the fans appear to be operating normally. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A. The motherboard for any sign of swollen capacitors

B. The disk drive to determine if it is defragmented and operating properly

C. The embedded NIC to ensure it has the latest firmware and drivers

D. The RAM to confirm it is the correct type for the motherboard being used

Answer: A


Drag and drop the characteristics to the correct printer types. Options may be used once.


Q15. A network printer is online and ready. The accounting group is unable to print to this network printer, but other departments can. Which of the following would the technician use to resolve the problem?

A. Replace the printer’s network cable

B. Modify the security setting of the print spooler

C. Restart the TCP/IP print spooler service

D. Use the manufacturer’s maintenance kit

Answer: B

Q16. Which of the following would likely be the MOST cost-effective media to use for storing 8GB of data?



C. Tape backup


Answer: D

Q17. A technician has 2GB of data that needs to be backed up from a customer’s Windows 7 computer. Which of the following storage media should the technician use?





Answer: A

Q18. Which of the following expansion cards would MOST likely have the requirements of utilizing a direct auxiliary 6-pin power plug to operate properly?

A. PCI Express RAID card

B. PCI Express video card

C. PCI Express FireWire card

D. PCI Express LAN card

Answer: B

Q19. A technician is notified that a laptop is not booting. It is discovered that there are no system lights, sounds, or display when the power button is pressed. Which of the following should the technician attempt FIRST in the troubleshooting process?

A. Connect an external monitor into the laptop to determine if the LCD has failed.

B. Boot the system from either a boot CD or other removable media type.

C. Disconnect the AC and battery power and hold the power button for several seconds.

D. Remove any hard drives or optical drives, RAM, and any wireless cards or USB devices from the laptop.

Answer: C

Q20. A finance officer has submitted a request for a new wireless access point. The technician has set up the physical equipment and powered it on, but the router will not recognize it. Which of the following should the technician do to correct the problem?

A. Install firmware updates

B. Run Windows updates

C. Perform RPM updates

D. Use apt-get for updates

Answer: A