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Q61. Ann, a user, wants to host a gaming server on her SOHO network. Which of the following features on the SOHO router would need to be configured?

A. Channels


C. Port forwarding

D. Firmware

Answer: C

Q62. A technician is troubleshooting a desktop that is having intermittent issues with locking up and system errors. The technician suspects that the problem might be that not enough power is getting to the motherboard. Which of the following tools would a technician use to determine if the hypothesis is correct?

A. POST card

B. Loopback plug

C. Multimeter

D. Cable tester

Answer: C

Q63. A user attempts to turn on a computer and receives no response. The user calls the technician to report the computer is not booting and a faint smell of something burning. Which of the following tools will BEST help to identify the issue?

A. ESD strap

B. PSU tester

C. Cable tester

D. Loopback plug

Answer: B

Q64. A client’s computer is not connecting to a website. Which of the following commands will allow the technician to view the route/number of hops between the host and remote systems?

A. nbtstat

B. tracert

C. nslookup

D. netstat

Answer: B

Q65. Which of the following are standard AMD processor socket types? (Select TWO).

A. 1366

B. 1155

C. 940


E. F

Answer: C,E

Q66. A technician wants to install a secondary IDE drive which will be configured for additional user storage on the same IDE channel of the drive with the operating system. Which of the following jumper configurations should the technician use for the additional drive, if the drive with the operating system is set to MA?

A. Place a jumper on both the MA and CS jumper block of the secondary drive.

B. Place a jumper on the MA jumper block of the secondary drive.

C. Place a jumper on both the SL and CS jumper block of the secondary drive.

D. Place a jumper on the SL jumper block of the secondary drive.

Answer: D


A small ISP has hired a new technician. Joe, the new technician, is being trained to configure customers' home networks. The training instructor gives the technician a starter kit with cables, cable ends, and other network equipment and asks him to build a working network. The computer should be connected to have Internet connectivity and the phone should be connected to have dial tone.

Instructions: Use the appropriate cables, cable ends, tools and equipment to configure the network and connect all components accordingly. When you have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit. Once the simulation is submitted, please select the Next button to continue.


Q68. Which of the following RAM types supports triple channel configurations?





Answer: C

Q69. Ann, a user, boots her laptop and notices the screen flashes then turns black. It was working during her presentation yesterday. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be completed?

A. Use a multimeter to test voltage.

B. Replace the laptop with a new one.

C. Replace the battery.

D. Connect an external display device.

Answer: D

Q70. Which of the following expansion slots is MOST commonly used for high-end video cards?





Answer: B