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Q131. Which of the following monitor technologies provide the widest viewing angle with rich colors and consistent backlighting? (Select TWO).

A. Light Emitting Diode

B. In-Plane Switching

C. Plasma

D. Twisted Nematic

E. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Answer: A,B

Q132. A video projector shows the image from a laptop, but everything is colored blue. Which of the following is the MOST likely the cause?

A. Dead pixels

B. Video resolution

C. Failing lamp

D. VGA connection

Answer: D

Q133. A technician is responsible for setting up laptops in a room for a small conference. The laptops need to communicate with each other as well as a workstation in the room. The workstation has a wireless expansion card. A switch is not available for the laptops and they cannot access the corporate network. Which of the following does the technician need to implement?

A. Adhoc network

B. Bluetooth network

C. Serial network

D. USB network

Answer:: A

Q134. The device that allows two different networks to communicate with one another is:

A. a repeater.

B. a hub.

C. a router.

D. an access point.

Answer: C

Q135. A customer struggles with the small print of most smartphones. The customer still likes the idea of using a smartphone for phone calls and work. Which of the following devices should the technician recommend to the customer?

A. A tablet

B. An e-Reader

C. A phablet

D. A smart watch

Answer: C

Q136. A user wants to store a personal video to view at a later time. Which of the following types of media is the LEAST expensive with a maximum capacity of 750MB?

A. USB drive


C. Blu-Ray


Answer: D

Q137. A technician cannot communicate with one particular IP address and needs to narrow down where the traffic is stopping. Which of the following commands would be used to determine this?

A. nslookup

B. ipconfig

C. nbtstat

D. ping

E. tracert

Answer: E

Q138. A technician is dispatched to install additional RAM in a computer. The technician unplugs the system from the power source, and removes the cover of the PC. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Update the BIOS for compatibility.

B. Put on an ESD strap.

C. Use an anti-static bag to hold the RAM while installing.

D. Clean out the PC with compressed air.

Answer: B

Q139. Joe, a user, has installed a new monitor on an existing system. Joe calls a support technician and reports that everything on the new display is fuzzy. Which of the following describes what needs to be changed to correct this issue?

A. The display resolution needs to match the native resolution.

B. The old graphics card does not support the new monitor.

C. The new monitor cable needs to have aluminum cores installed.

D. The new monitor requires updated drivers to be installed.

Answer: A

Q140. Which of the following BEST describes the reason a network administrator would task a technician with replacing a hub with a switch?

A. The hub did not provide PoE

B. The hub had too many collisions

C. The hub was out of ports

D. The hub had a bad port

Answer: B