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Q1. A user states that they cannot connect to the network or the Internet. The technician determines the issue is that the computer has a static IP address and needs to use DHCP to work correctly. The technician sets the NIC to automatically assign an IP address. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT? 

A. Identify the type of network card and what Operating System the computer is running 

B. Confirm the computer is back on the network and has Internet connectivity 

C. They need to annotate what the static IP address was and inform the employee’s manager 

D. They need to determine why the NIC was assigned a static IP address 


Q2. Ann, a user, has a phablet for personal and work usage. She finds that her phablet starts to exhibit slow performance after a couple of hours and that the problem worsens as the day goes by. If Ann restarts the device, it works fine for a couple of hours and then starts to run slow again. Which of the following is the BEST action to troubleshoot this problem? 

A. Check running apps 

B. Reset to factory default 

C. Disable cloud syncing 

D. Replace the device’s battery 


Q3. A technician is trying to diagnose a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption and random loss of video during operation. Which of the following are MOST likely causes of this problem? (Select TWO). 

A. Integrated system video chip is failing and/or near death. 

B. Video drivers were not installed directly from Microsoft update. 

C. Incompatible or untested video drivers have been installed. 

D. The BIOS is not set for the proper operation temperature of the video chipset. 

E. The BIOS is underclocking the video card’s operating speed. 

Answer: A,C 

Q4. A user is configuring the email settings on a smartphone. Which of the following configurations will allow the user to synchronize email from multiple devices? 



C. POP3 



Q5. Ann, a customer, reports that when she occasionally works in the office basement, her smartphone battery drains faster than normal and she has poor cellular reception. Which of the following is the reason for the fast battery drain? 

A. Unpaired Bluetooth 

B. Weak signal 

C. Defective SD card 

D. Malware 


Q6. Which of the following best practices is used to fix a zero-day vulnerability on Linux? 

A. Scheduled backup 

B. Scheduled disk maintenance 

C. Patch management 

D. Antivirus update 


Q7. When securing a mobile device, which of the following types of screen locks is the MOST secure? 

A. Fingerprint lock 

B. Swipe lock 

C. Passcode lock 

D. Face lock 


Q8. An IT manager needs to reimage 30 computers in a lab. The image has already been created and is ready to be deployed via the network. Which of the following tasks should be completed FIRST? 

A. Boot from PXE. 

B. Install Windows using DVD. 

C. Reboot computers with USB drive. 

D. Press F8 while rebooting. 


Q9. A technician recently replaced a user’s monitor and now the user is reporting that the screen is filled with static and appears distorted. Which of the following will resolve the issue? 

A. Lower refresh rate 

B. Lower the resolution 

C. Raise the resolution 

D. Increase refresh rate 


Q10. When removing the top case from a laptop, which of the following, besides hand tools, should a technician have on hand to assure correct disassembly and reassembly? (Select TWO). 

A. A multimeter and a toner probe. 

B. A large cloth to spread the screws and disassembled parts on. 

C. A writing pad for documentation and a marker to label cables. 

D. A manufacturer’s technical manual for the model of the laptop. 

E. A container with separated areas to store different size screws. 

Answer: D,E