Exam Code: 220-902 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (902)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2021 Apr 220-902 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. A user, Joe, calls and states every few hours he is unable to connect to the Internet for several minutes but is able to access internal sites during this time. Which of the following tools would be used to find the issue with the network connection? 





Answer: A 

Q42. A customer has recently installed several applications on a Windows 7 workstation and is now experiencing slow system performance and spontaneous restarts. After removing some of the recently installed applications, the issue persists. Which of the following tools could the technician use to troubleshoot the problem while preventing data loss? 

A. Factory restore 

B. SecureBoot 

C. msconfig 

D. diskpart 

Answer: C 

Q43. A technician gets a call from a customer stating that their computer will not boot. They are getting the following error “invalid system disk”. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? 

A. Verify the operating system is installed correctly. 

B. Verify that all removable drives are empty. 

C. Verify Boot.ini is on the hard drive. 

D. Verify the computer will boot into safe mode. 

Answer: B 

220-902 actual test

Up to the minute actualtests 220-802:

Q44. Which of the following is the BEST option to prevent data breaches on lost mobile devices? 

A. Install a locator application on the mobile device so that it can be traced. 

B. Apply a restriction to lock the device after a certain number of failed login attempts. 

C. Configure the device to remote wipe as soon as it is reported lost. 

D. Utilize the fingerprint scanner and passcode for multifactor authentication. 

Answer: C 

Q45. Virtual machines provide users with the ability to do which of the following? 

A. Extend 32-bit machines to 64-bits 

B. Share hardware resources 

C. Increase the network download speed 

D. Use less memory in the machine 

Answer: B 

Q46. Which of the following should a technician implement to prevent external contractors from physically plugging devices into the company’s network jacks unless such jacks are designated for guest use? 

A. Disable DHCP and assign a static IP address to each network device physically connected to the network. 

B. Enable MAC address filtering across all network jacks and record the MAC address of guest devices. 

C. Disable all switch ports when they are not utilized and enable them on an as needed basis. 

D. Place guest network jacks in public areas and all other jacks in secure areas as needed. 

Answer: C 

220-902 actual test

Actual comptia 220-802 questions:

Q47. A user is reporting that their screen is flickering at a rapid rate. Which of the following Control Panel paths should a technician use in order to remedy this issue? 

A. Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> General -> DPI 

B. Display -> Settings -> Resolution 

C. Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> Adapter -> Refresh 

D. Display -> Appearance -> Effects -> Transition 

Answer: C 

Q48. A technician has upgraded four computers and would like to securely repurpose the hard drives for later use. Which of the following should the technician do to the drives to prepare them for later use? 

A. chkdsk 

B. Degauss 

C. Quick format 

D. Drive wipe 

Answer: D 

Q49. A user recently installed a new video driver on a PC but now it will not boot. Which of the following is the BEST option to correct the issue? 

A. Automated system recovery 

B. Emergency repair disks 


D. Safe mode 

Answer: D 

Q50. A PC uses RAID 1. Ann, a technician, has read in the event log that the drive "SATA 1" is no longer in sync with drive "SATA 0". Which of the following steps should she try FIRST to repair this PC to optimal running conditions? 

A. Remove SATA 1 from the RAID group then try to re-add it 

B. Replace both drives then restore from a backup 

C. Remove both drives then switch the SATA channels 

D. Replace SATA 1, rebuild the RAID and replace SATA 0 

Answer: A