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2021 Nov 220-902 latest exam

Q151. When removing the top case from a laptop, which of the following, besides hand tools, should a technician have on hand to assure correct disassembly and reassembly? (Select TWO). 

A. A multimeter and a toner probe. 

B. A large cloth to spread the screws and disassembled parts on. 

C. A writing pad for documentation and a marker to label cables. 

D. A manufacturer’s technical manual for the model of the laptop. 

E. A container with separated areas to store different size screws. 

Answer: D,E 

Q152. A technician has been tasked with loading the operating system on every PC with a blank hard drive on a network. The technician wishes to install the operating system with minimal physical interaction with the PCs. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this? 

A. Clone the operating system from an image onto optical media. 

B. Use the original software media to load the operation system on every PC. 

C. Set up a central image that the PCs can load from a PXE boot. 

D. Create an image and copy it from a USB drive using an unattended answer file. 


Q153. A user, Ann, receives a call from Joe who states that he is brand new in the help desk. Joe states that he needs to update Ann’s email client to prevent corruption. At Joe's request, Ann discloses her user name and password. She later discovers that Joe is not a member of the help desk. Which of the following has occurred? 

A. Social engineering 

B. Phishing 

C. Spear phishing 

D. Hijacking 


Q154. A company that manages its own cloud, while utilizing a third-party vendor to help manage storage, is implementing which of the following infrastructure types? 

A. Hybrid 

B. Community 

C. Private 

D. Public 



Drag and drop the following Windows 7 versions in order according to their feature-sets, from MOST to LEAST. 


Latest 220-902 exam guide:

Q156. Which of the following is the FASTEST way for a user to synchronize data between an iPhone and a work PC? 

A. Transfer data via WiFi Direct to the user’s laptop. 

B. Use Bluetooth to share data from the phone. 

C. Connect the iPhone’s USB cable and use iTunes. 

D. Copy the data from the phone to a MicroSD card. 


Q157. A user updates the video driver on the computer and it requests a restart after installation. The computer never gets past the loading Windows page without rebooting. Which of the following should the technician use to resolve this issue without losing any vital files or programs? 

A. Emergency Repair Disk 

B. Restore from OEM image 

C. System Recovery 

D. Restore from backup 


Q158. The system administrator is tasked with installing Windows to 100 computers over the network. The systems administrator needs to remove system-specific identifiers. Which of the following would the system administrator use to accomplish this? 

A. Windows Deployment Services 

B. Remote Installation Services 

C. System Preparation Tool 

D. Unattended installation 


Q159. A technician is configuring wireless for a home office. The customer wants to prevent others from accessing the wireless network. The customer has a small number of devices on the network and does not want to have to remember a complicated password. Which of the following should the technician recommend? 

A. Enable MAC filtering 

B. Disable SSID broadcast 

C. Assign static IP addresses 

D. Turn on content filtering 


Q160. A technician is in need of a device that would give the BEST network protection within a single device. Which of the following devices would the technician use?