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2021 Apr 220-902 Study Guide Questions:

Q171. Joe, a user, just downloaded a game onto his company phone. When he is not using the device, it unexpectedly dials unrecognized numbers and downloads new content. Joe is the victim of which of the following? 

A. Trojan horse 

B. Spyware 

C. Social engineering 

D. Worms 

Answer: A 

Q172. A technician is trying to diagnose a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption and random loss of video during operation. Which of the following are MOST likely causes of this problem? (Select TWO). 

A. Integrated system video chip is failing and/or near death. 

B. Video drivers were not installed directly from Microsoft update. 

C. Incompatible or untested video drivers have been installed. 

D. The BIOS is not set for the proper operation temperature of the video chipset. 

E. The BIOS is underclocking the video card’s operating speed. 

Answer: A,C 

Q173. Joe, an end-user, reports that the PC he uses periodically logs off his user account and displays a message that updates are being installed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue? 

A. Time of day restrictions are enabled on the machine 

B. Scheduled antivirus scans and updates are enabled on the machine 

C. Remote desktop is enabled and an administrator has logged into the machine 

D. Automatic Windows Update is enabled on the machine 

Answer: D 

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Up to the immediate present pk0-003 comptia project+ (2009):

Q174. A technician is working a trouble ticket for a user. After addressing the issue, the technician asks the user to verify functionality. The user confirms the system is functioning, but the computer’s speakers now emit an irritating noise. The technician states this is a byproduct of the solution, and the user will eventually get used to the noise. Which of the following professionalism principles is the technician failing to address? 

A. Avoiding being judgmental 

B. Avoiding dismissal of the customer’s problems 

C. Avoiding an argument with the customer 

D. Maintaining a positive attitude 

Answer: B 

Q175. A user has a Windows 8.1 RT operating system and wants to add additional programs to the computer. Which of the following is available for installing more applications? 

A. Microsoft Store 


C. Google Play 

D. iTunes 

Answer: A 

Q176. A user’s email inbox is suddenly receiving dozens of rejection messages from various mail servers. Which of the following would the technician perform to BEST solve the issue? 

A. Change the user’s email password. 

B. Enable spam filtering on the email account. 

C. Change the email account from POP to IMAP. 

D. Disable the user’s email account. 

Answer: A 

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Realistic pk0-003 vs pk0-002:


A technician has verified that Joe, a user, has a malware infection on his desktop. Drag and drop the following malware remediation techniques in the correct order Joe should follow to alleviate this issue. 



A Windows 7 machine appears to have a failure. Every time it is rebooted, the message "BOOTMGR is missing" appears. You have previously inserted a Windows 7 installation DVD into the DVD-ROM. Please repair this failure without overwriting the customers' local user profiles. 


. Launch the simulation to repair the failure 

. Type Help in command line to show list of available commands 

. When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button. 

Answer: Review the explanation for all details: 

Q179. An office manager mistakenly uninstalled a valuable application. Which of the following utilities may allow the manager to correct this issue? 

A. System Restore 

B. Computer Management 

C. Disk Management 

D. System Configuration 

Answer: A 

Q180. A user, Ann, reports that she suspects her workstation has malware. Joe, the technician, confirms malware exists and starts the process of removing the malware. Which of the 

following is the FIRST step he should take in removing the malware? 

A. Disable antivirus 

B. Disable system restore 

C. Enable hard drive encryption 

D. Format the hard drive 

Answer: B