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2021 May 220-902 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. A new help desk technician receives a trouble call from a user. The issue is something the technician has never encountered before, and does not know where to begin troubleshooting. The FIRST course of action is for the technician to: 

A. tell the customer the issue needs to be escalated to a higher tier technician. 

B. ask the customer if they would mind holding for no more than two minutes to check resources. 

C. tell the customer this is the first time encountering the issue and to please be patient. 

D. ask the customer to please hold while a senior technician is consulted regarding the issue. 

Answer: B 

Q72. A customer calls the help desk to report an issue. The customer suggests that the problem is hardware related, but the technician knows from the description that this is not the case. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the technician? 

A. Follow the customer’s prescribed course of action. 

B. Convince the customer to take a better course of action to resolve the issue. 

C. Explain why the customer’s prescribed course of action is incorrect. 

D. Acknowledge the customer’s input, but follow another course of action. 

Answer: D 

Q73. A computer was recently infected by malware after a flash drive was plugged in. The user, Ann, indicates she never opened any files or folders from the flash drive. A technician needs to prevent this from occurring in the future. Which of the following would accomplish this? 

A. BitLocker To Go 

B. Set strong passwords 

C. Disable usermin 

D. Disable AutoRun 

Answer: D 

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Abreast of the times comptia 220-802 tests:


Drag and drop the following Windows 7 versions in order according to their feature-sets, from MOST to LEAST. 


Q75. Which of the following tools is used to type or paste recovery commands directly into a Linux box? 

A. Shell/terminal 

B. Backup/time machine 

C. Command/cmd 

D. Restore/snapshot 

Answer: A 

Q76. A turnstile is an example of which of the following forms of physical security? 

A. Entry control roster 

B. Biometrics 

C. Mantrap 

D. Cipher lock 

Answer: C 

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Certified comptia exam 220-802:

Q77. An IPS appliance is installed on the network. Which of the following is the purpose of the IPS? 

A. To check the network for unwanted activity 

B. To check and stop unwanted activity 

C. To provide connectivity to the network 

D. To test the resilience of the network 

Answer: B 

Q78. An end user calls the company’s IT service desk to report an inability to open encrypted emails on a mobile device. Which of the following BEST represents a possible cause? 

A. A valid certificate suitable for S/MIME is not installed. 

B. Emails received by the user lack suitable digital signatures. 

C. SSL/TLS certificates stored on the device are expired. 

D. The sender did not have the addressee’s public certificate. 

Answer: A 

Q79. A user wants to be able to access email from all devices. Which of the following formats should be used to allow this synchronization? 


B. iCal 

C. POP3 


Answer: D 

Q80. A user needs their email set up on their iOS device. The email needs to synchronize all changes made with the server and the PC. Which of the following would the technician use to accomplish this? 




D. POP3 

Answer: A