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Q61. After installing a critical update from Windows Update, a user accidentally types an incorrect URL into the browser and malware is automatically installed. The malware disables the computer’s antivirus software and Internet connection. Which of the following would be the BEST tool to remove the malware without risking loss of the user’s data? 

A. Run System Restore 

B. Reinstall Windows with the Repair Option 

C. Reinstall Windows on top of itself 

D. Run System File Checker 


Q62. Which of the following commands are used from a Linux command line interface to elevate a user’s access level to administrative privilege? (Select TWO). 

A. chmod 

B. passwd 

C. sudo 

D. su 

E. runas 

F. pwd 

Answer: C,D 

Q63. An engineer working with large detailed CAD files notices over time that the workstation is taking significantly longer to open files that used to launch quickly. Other applications work fine, and the engineer confirms all of the data has been backed up the night before. A technician determines that the workstation is about two years old. Which of the following would be the technician’s FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem? 

A. Run defrag on the hard drive 

B. Restore the CAD files from backup 

C. Replace the hard drive 

D. Remove and reinstall the CAD software 


Q64. A technician must secure company documents from accidental disclosure. Which of the following should be implemented? (Select TWO). 

A. User training 

B. Anti-malware 

C. Paper shredding 

D. Time of day restrictions 

E. Employee badges 

F. Mantraps 

Answer: A,C 

Q65. A technician has upgraded four computers and would like to securely repurpose the hard drives for later use. Which of the following should the technician do to the drives to prepare them for later use? 

A. chkdsk 

B. Degauss 

C. Quick format 

D. Drive wipe 


Q66. An unauthorized user observing system security procedures is known as: 

A. a worm. 

B. shoulder surfing. 

C. phishing. 

D. spyware. 


Q67. A user wants to configure a smartphone to save all attachments from an Outlook.com email to a cloud-based service. Which of the following would be BEST to use to accomplish this? 

A. Google Drive 

B. iCloud 

C. One Drive 



Q68. An end user calls the company’s IT service desk to report an inability to open encrypted emails on a mobile device. Which of the following BEST represents a possible cause? 

A. A valid certificate suitable for S/MIME is not installed. 

B. Emails received by the user lack suitable digital signatures. 

C. SSL/TLS certificates stored on the device are expired. 

D. The sender did not have the addressee’s public certificate. 


Q69. Joe, a technician, would like to map a network drive when he starts up his computer in the morning. Which of the following commands would he use to accomplish this task? 






Q70. A technician recently removed spyware from a computer and now the user is getting error messages about system files. Which of the following tools would a technician use to verify all system files are intact and in their original versions? 

A. Repair Disk