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Q121. An administrator is in a Remote Assistance session, sharing a user’s desktop. While trying to map a shared network drive for the user, an “access denied” error is encountered while using the user’s credentials. Which of the following should be the administrator’s NEXT step? 

A. Ensure the user’s account is not locked out 

B. Use the fully qualified domain name of the share 

C. Open the location with administrator privileges 

D. Try mapping with a different drive letter 



A Windows 7 machine appears to have a failure. Every time it is rebooted, the message "BOOTMGR is missing" appears. You have previously inserted a Windows 7 installation DVD into the DVD-ROM. Please repair this failure without overwriting the customers' local user profiles. 


. Launch the simulation to repair the failure 

. Type Help in command line to show list of available commands 

. When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button. 

Answer: Review the explanation for all details: 

Q123. A technician has imported a .dll to fix a missing .dll issue on a PC. The application still does not run correctly and is reporting that the .dll is missing. Which of the following tools would the technician use to complete the import of the .dll? 

A. gpresult 

B. msconfig 

C. regedit 

D. gpupdate 

E. regsrv32 


Q124. An administrator is concerned about users accessing network shares outside of their job role. Which of the following would BEST prevent this? 

A. Set up shares with permissions based upon group membership. 

B. Implement a written policy addressing the issue for all users. 

C. Monitor access to the network shares using SNMP. 

D. Prevent remote logins to all network shares and drives. 


Q125. While navigating a Windows machine through command prompt, which of the following commands will a technician use to display the contents of the current folder? 

A. cd 

B. dir 

C. md 

D. rd 


Q126. A large magnet is placed too close to a CRT monitor. Which of the following will MOST likely occur? 

A. Dead pixels 

B. Flickering image 

C. No image on screen 

D. Distorted image 


Q127. A technician receives a helpdesk ticket about an employee having a problem sending text messages with a company Android smartphone. It has been determined that it is not a carrier issue. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST? 

A. Verify data connectivity 

B. Reformat the MicroSD card 

C. Replace the SIM card 

D. Perform a soft restore 


Q128. A technician needs to install a clean Windows OS on several laptops in the office. The office is running a 100Base-T network. The owner would like the installations completed as soon as possible. Which of the following installation methods should the technician use? 

A. FireWire External Hard Drive 

B. PXE-based Network Installation 

C. USB 3.0 Flash Drive 



Q129. A user states that they cannot connect to the network or the Internet. The technician determines the issue is that the computer has a static IP address and needs to use DHCP to work correctly. The technician sets the NIC to automatically assign an IP address. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT? 

A. Identify the type of network card and what Operating System the computer is running 

B. Confirm the computer is back on the network and has Internet connectivity 

C. They need to annotate what the static IP address was and inform the employee’s manager 

D. They need to determine why the NIC was assigned a static IP address 


Q130. Ann recently upgraded a computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, but one of her applications does not work now. Which of the following should be done FIRST? 

A. Set the application to run in XP compatibility mode 

B. Reinstall Windows XP 

C. Configure a dual boot with XP and 7 

D. Install the application in XP mode