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2021 Sep 2v0-620 pdf:

Q51. Which vSphere 6 Standard Edition feature will allow an organization to ensure that critical multi-threaded applications have the maximum possible uptime? 

A. Fault Tolerance 

B. High Availability 

C. Distributed Resource Scheduler 

D. App HA 

Answer: B 

Q52. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A storage administrator has reported that full utilization of all bandwidth from an ESXi 6.x host is not being seen. In troubleshooting the issue, the Adapter details are shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, what is cause of the issue? 

A. The array is not setup to use the correct multipathing policy. 

B. There are no virtual machines on the ESXi host. 

C. Not all links are used because a path is disabled. 

D. Another path needs to be configured. 

Answer: C 

Q53. An administrator has just configured the IP address on an ESXi host from the Direct Console User Interface. 

How can the configuration be validated as correct without any additional tools? 

A. Add the host to vCenter Server and if it works, then all networking settings are ok. 

B. Select the Test Management Network option from the DCUI. 

C. Connect to the host with the vSphere Client and click the Test Network option. 

D. Use PowerCLI to connect to the host and initiate a network test. 

Answer: B 

Q54. An administrator is configuring the Failover Order option on a vSphere Distributed Switch. 

Which two options should be used with IP-hash load balancing? (Choose two.) 

A. Active Uplinks 

B. Standby Uplinks 

C. Unused Uplinks 

D. Override Failover Order 

Answer: A,C 

Q55. An administrator is unable to remove an ESXi 6.x host from a vSphere Distributed Switch. 

What are two likely reasons for this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Vmkernel interfaces on the switch are still in use. 

B. VM Network port group adapters are connected to different switch. 

C. Physical NICs are migrated to different switch. 

D. VM Network adapters are connected to this switch. 

Answer: A,D 

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Renew 2v0-620 dump:

Q56. Which two statements are true regarding VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC)? (Choose two.) 

A. Cache fills and cache evictions happen in the granularity of a cache block size. 

B. vFRC caches data from both read and write I/Os, but write I/Os are always serviced by the underlying storage. 

C. vFRC caches data from both read and write I/Os, but write I/Os are always serviced by the underlying cache data. 

D. Cache fills and cache evictions happen in the granularity of the disk block size. 

Answer: A,B 

Q57. As part of a multisite Single Sign-On (SSO) deployment what two steps are required to ensure that a change to one Single Sign-On instance is propagated to the other instances? (Choose two.) 

A. Schedule a Replication Task on the primary instance 

B. Select the first instance during the installation of subsequent instances 

C. During the installation of each instance choose Linked-Mode 

D. Enable Synchronize to Active Directory on each instance 

Answer: A,C 

Q58. An administrator has unsuccessfully attempted several times to install an Operating System inside a virtual machine. The administrator finds that the installation fails at random intervals. 

Which two actions can be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify the md5sum and if invalid, download the installation files again. 

B. Attempt the installation an additional time. 

C. Attempt to use a different installation media or installation method. 

D. Create a new virtual machine and attempt the installation with the existing media. 

Answer: A,C 

Q59. Which two badges are major badges in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.) 

A. Risk 

B. Efficency 

C. Workload 

D. Faults 

Answer: A,B 

Q60. An administrator is attempting to enable Storage I/O Control on a datastore, but it is failing. What is the likely reason for this failure? 

A. The host is connected to a datastore is running on ESX 4.0. 

B. The host is connected to a Fibre Channel storage array. 

C. The datastore has multiple extents. 

D. The datastore is managed by a single vCenter Server. 

Answer: A