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2021 Mar 2v0 621d dumps:

Q1. Which two statements are true regarding Storage Multipathing Plug-Ins? (Choose two.)

A. The default Path Selection Policy is VMW_PSP_MRU for iSCSI or FC devices.

B. The default Path Selection Policy is VMW_PSP_FIXED for iSCSI or FC devices.

C. VMW_PSP_MRU is typically selected for ALUA arrays by default.

D. VMW_PSP_FIXED is typically selected for ALUA arrays by default.

Answer: B,C

Q2. Which two statements are true regarding Virtual SAN Fault Domains? (Choose two.)

A. They enable Virtual SAN to tolerate the failure of an entire physical rack.

B. Virtual SAN ensures that no two replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

C. Virtual SAN ensures that all replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

D. They require VMware High Availability (HA) to ensure component distribution across domains.

Answer: A,B

Q3. Which condition would cause a vCenter Server installation to fail when installing on a Windows virtual machine?

A. The virtual machine does not have at least four vCPUs.

B. The virtual machine is running Windows Server 2008.

C. The virtual machine has an E1000 network device.

D. The virtual machine does not have 16GB of RAM.

Answer: B

Q4. An administrator is unable to see performance statistics for only the Past Week performance data. The vCenter Server is using a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

What are three likely causes contributing to this issue? (Choose three.)

A. Performance statistics are turned off.

B. The Past Day rollup job is not present.

C. The stats_rollup_1_proc is not present.

D. The VMware Performance Charts Service is stopped.

E. The JDBC URL is incorrect in the vcdb.properties file.

Answer: A,B,C

Q5. An administrator wants to provide users restricted access. The users should only be able to perform the following tasks:

✑ Create and consolidate virtual machine snapshots

✑ Add/Remove virtual disks

✑ Snapshot Management

Which default role in vCenter Server would meet the administrator's requirements for the users?

A. Virtual machine user

B. Virtual machine power user

C. Virtual Datacenter administrator

D. VMware Consolidated Backup user

Answer: B

Renovate vcp6 delta exam dump:

Q6. Which Platform Service Controller Password Policy determines the number of days a password can exist before the user must change it?

A. Maximum Lifetime

B. Password Age

C. Maximum Days

D. Password Lifetime

Answer:: A

Q7. Which two are valid compliance results that indicate the need to apply a Host Profile? (Choose two.)

A. Non-compliant

B. Inconsistent

C. Unknown

D. Disconnected

Answer: A,C

Q8. A failed upgrade from vCenter Server version 5.x to version 6.0 produces the following error:

[00800 error 'Default'] Database version id '600' is incompatible with this release of VirtualCenter.

What is the cause of the upgrade failure?

A. There was a database schema upgrade failure during the installation.

B. The VMWAREVCMSDS service was upgraded before the vCenter Server service.

C. The VMware Directory Service database failed during the installation.

D. There was an incompatible ODBC driver version for the database.

Answer: A

Q9. Which two settings are required for Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) to protect from All Paths Down (APD) and Permanent Device Loss (PDL)? (Choose two.)

A. Host Monitoring

B. VM Restart Priority

C. Virtual machine Monitoring

D. Response for Host Isolation

Answer: A,B

Q10. An administrator has configured three vCenter Servers and vRealize Orchestrator within a Platform Services Controller domain, and needs to grant a user privileges that span all environments.

Which statement best describes how the administrator would accomplish this?

A. Assign a Global Permission to the user.

B. Assign a vCenter Permission to the user.

C. Assign vsphere.local membership to the user.

D. Assign an ESXi Permission to the user.

Answer: A