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Q11. Which two roles can be modified? (Choose two.)

A. Administrator

B. Network Administrator

C. Datastore Consumer

D. Read-Only

Answer: B,C

Q12. During a vCenter Server upgrade, an ESXi 6.x host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails. Which statement is true?

A. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host during the vCenter Server upgrade process.

B. HA is unavailable during the vCenter Server upgrade process.

C. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host after the vCenter Server upgrade completes.

D. HA will successfully vMotion the virtual machines during the host failure.

Answer: A

Q13. Which Advanced Setting should be created for the vCenter Server to change the expiration policy of the vpxuser password?

A. VimPasswordExpirationInDays

B. VimExpirationPasswordDays

C. VimPassExpirationInDays

D. VimPasswordRefreshDays

Answer: A

Q14. Which two capabilities does the vSphere Replication Client Plug-in provide? (Choose two.)

A. Configure connections between vSphere Replication Sites.

B. Deploy and register additional vSphere Replication Servers.

C. Reconfigure the vSphere Replication Server.

D. Configure an external database for a vSphere Replication Site.

Answer: A,B

Q15. Which two advanced features should be disabled for virtual machines that are only hosted on a vSphere system? (Choose two.)





Answer: A,B

Q16. Which two options are available in the Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) setting Response for Datastore with All Paths Down (APD)? (Choose two.)

A. Issue Events

B. Power off and restart virtual machines

C. Reset virtual machines

D. Leave Powered On

Answer: A,B

Q17. Which log file would you examine to identify an issue which occurred during the pre- upgrade phase of a vCenter Server upgrade process?

A. vcdb_req.out

B. vcdb_export.out

C. vcdb_import.out

D. vcdb_inplace.out

Answer: A

Q18. What is the command to list multipathing modules on an ESXi 6.x host?

A. esxcli storage core list plugin --plugin-class=MP

B. esxcli storage core list plugin --class-plugin=MP

C. esxcli storage core plugin list --plugin-class=MP

D. esxcli storage core plugin list --class-plugin=MP

Answer: C

Q19. Which two solutions require Physical Mode Raw Device Mapping (RDM)? (Choose two.)

A. Direct access to the storage array device

B. Virtual Machine Snapshots

C. Hardware Acceleration

D. Guest Clustering across ESXi hosts

Answer: A,D

Q20. Where is a Virtual SAN Fault Domain configured?

A. VMware Virtual SAN Cluster configuration

B. VMware High Availability Cluster configuration

C. Distributed Resource Scheduler configuration

D. Datacenter Advanced Settings configuration

Answer: A