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Q61. After registering the vCloud Connector plug-in with vCenter Server, an administrator discovers that the private cloud does not appear in the plug-in interface. 

What step could be taken to resolve this issue? 

A. Add the vCenter Server information for the private cloud. 

B. Reboot the local node to reload the private cloud data. 

C. Restart the vSphere Client to enable the vCloud Connector plug-in. 

D. Add the local node information for the private cloud. 


Q62. A user has been assigned the vRealize Business Standard Budget Management Controller role. 

Which two details can the user view in the Consumption List? (Choose two.) 

A. Monthly Budget 

B. Top Consumers 

C. Monthly Charge 

D. Consumed Capacity 

Answer: A,C 

Q63. Your company is moving cloud providers from Amazon EC2 to VMware vCloud Air. The IaaS Administrator is cleaning up the remaining components. 

What is a valid component that the IaaS administrator can remove? 

A. Amazon AWS Data Collector 

B. Amazon AWS Data Templates 

C. Amazon AWS Endpoint 

D. Amazon AWS Instantiator 


Q64. Senior IT leadership wants information to help determine workload placement and tradeoffs between buying new hardware or using a public cloud provider. 

What VMware product provides that information? 

A. vRealize Business 

B. vCenter Chargeback 

C. vCenter Configuration Manager 

D. vRealize Operations 


Q65. Under what circumstance would a logical switch be automatically created? 

A. When deploying a blueprint that requires isolation. 

B. When deploying a blueprint that utilizes load balancing. 

C. When deploying a multi-machine blueprint. 

D. When deploying a blueprint that requires NAT. 


Q66. After successfully creating a service blueprint, which two steps must be completed to allow the newly created service blueprint to be available for use? (Choose two.) 

A. From the Service Blueprints list, highlightthe new Service Blueprint and select Publish. 

B. From the Catalog Management Services list, highlight the new Service Blueprint and select Publish. 

C. From the Catalog Items list, configure the Service Blueprint to be part of a Service. 

D. From the CatalogItems list, edit the Service Blueprint and change its Status to Active. 

Answer: A,C