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2021 Mar 2V0-631 free practice exam

Q51. An administrator needs to meet a department's temporary requirement for additional testing and development capacity of an unknown size. 

Where should the administrator create a reservation for this Business Group within vRealize Automation? 

A. In an existing vCloud Director Dynamic Allocation virtual datacenter 

B. In an existing vCloud Director Allocation Pool virtual datacenter 

C. In an existing vCloud Director Reservation Pool virtual datacenter 

D. In an existing vCloud Director Pay As You Go virtual datacenter 


Q52. To improve provisioning time of Clone workflows, the configured per-agent limit has been increased. However, many of the workflows now fail. 

What action would resolve this? 

A. Add compute resources 

B. Increase the timeout interval 

C. Enable Fast Provisioning 

D. Increase the appliance RAM to 12GB 


Q53. What vRealize Automation feature uses a library of standard components, or services, to automate and manage the update life cycle of deployments? 

A. Application Services 

B. Service Catalog 

C. Orchestrator 

D. Advanced Service Designer 


Q54. What step is required to use the default vRealize Orchestrator instance with vRealize Automation? 

A. Install vRealize Orchestrator on the vRealize Automation appliance. 

B. Start the vRealize Orchestrator service on the vRealize Automation appliance. 

C. Deploy the vRealize Orchestrator appliance and attach it to the vRealize Automation instance. 

D. Install the vRealize Orchestrator plugin on the vRealize Automation instance. 


Q55. An administrator needs to account for the daily cost of operating a virtual machine as well as the cost of the software deployed on the virtual machine. 

What action should the administrator take in vRealize Automation to provide the needed information? 

A. Assign a Blueprint Cost tothe virtual machine blueprint. 

B. Assign a vRealize Business Operation Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 

C. Assign a Daily Compute Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 

D. Assign a vRealize Business Usage Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 


Update 2V0-631 free practice exam:

Q56. An organization wants to create an action to vMotion a Virtual Machine. 

Which two steps would be required in Advanced Service Designer to implement this activity? (Choose two.) 

A. Add the appropriate vRO workflow 

B. Edit the Resource Action and ensure the Pool element is always required 

C. Add the appropriate Submitted Action Details Form 

D. Publish the Action using Resource Actions > Start Instances 

Answer: A,C 

Q57. An administrator needs to enable a cluster to be used by vRealize Automation. The cluster has the following configuration: Which change to the cluster must the administrator make? 

A. Enable HA. 

B. Add additional ESXi hosts to the cluster. 

C. Enable DRS. 

D. Create a resource pool. 


Q58. Refer to the Exhibit. 

Three machines have already been created with the Machine Prefix shown in the exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, what will be the name of the next machine? 

A. CodeNeb-QE-3 

B. CodeNeb-QE-4 

C. CodeNeb-QE-004 

D. CodeNeb-QE-003 


Q59. After successfully creating a service blueprint, which two steps must be completed to allow the newly created service blueprint to be available for use? (Choose two.) 

A. From the Service Blueprints list, highlightthe new Service Blueprint and select Publish. 

B. From the Catalog Management Services list, highlight the new Service Blueprint and select Publish. 

C. From the Catalog Items list, configure the Service Blueprint to be part of a Service. 

D. From the CatalogItems list, edit the Service Blueprint and change its Status to Active. 

Answer: A,C 

Q60. vRealize Automation uses vRealize Orchestrator endpoints to run what sort of workflows? 

A. Network and security-related workflows 

B. Allocation-based workflows 

C. Third-party cloud provider workflows 

D. vSphere cluster workflows